• They Need To Get Rid of the Pro Bowl

    The Pro Bowl is a joke and the NFL needs to get rid of it. None of the players try hard because the official season is over and they do not want to get hurt. I understand that they want an All-Star game like other profession sports but the game is not entertaining.

  • Pro Bowl Skills Challenge

    I would say the NFL should remove its Pro Bowl Game, which not many care about and that includes the players playing in the game. And they should simply have a skills challenge. At least the skills challenge is interesting and the players can try harder because its fun and they wont get hurt.

    Example, NBA Allstar weekend.... What do you think of? The game? Nope. 3 point shootouts and dunk contest. MLB Allstar weekend... What do you think about? The game? Not really. Its the home run derby everyone wants to see. Nfl switch up to only skills challenges and have some fun with it. Select pro bowlers but no need to play a game that the players dont even want to play. Nuff said

  • Football is not like other sports!

    The only good sport for "all star" or best players is baseball which doesn't required coordinated activity to be entertaining. Basketball and Hockey is passable but football is a joke. And the risk of injury is too great for players to participate. Find another way to honor the best and eliminate the game.

  • It's gotten stupid

    When the Pro Bowl began, all the players had regular jobs in the off season, so a free trip to Hawaii was a big deal. Making the money they make today, all the All-Star game does is cut their off season short by a week. Just cut out the Pro Bowl altogether, name an All-Pro team, and give those players a cash bonus.

  • Yes they should cancel the Pro Bowl.

    The players are not really playing because they don't want to get hurt in a meaningless game. If they're not going to cancel it they should put it back to the way it originally was. AFC vs. NFC and played a week after the Super Bowl. At least it will be somewhat watchable again.

  • Should be an all-star game

    The pro bowl is garbage. It's become now that you can do whatever you want as long as it's entertaining. Heck, the center switched teams in the middle of last years game. No one even tries. It's pretty much a game of touch football. The best comparison would be 50-year old men playing a two hand touch pickup game at a beach.

  • It is so biased

    To get in to play or even participate is like a popularity contest, it's a contest of who caught the ridiculous pass or juked everyone out or gets the interceptions, yeah the majority of people who make it are great players but then you got some who make it in because of their personal life doings or who they're dating or what they did off the gridiron

  • Its a pointless game

    Nobody tries due to the fact that its not worth anything. When you look back in your career you want to see the rings from the super bowl. You don't want to be known as a super bowl champ rather then a 14x pro bowl selection threw out your whole career

  • The Pro Bowl is a Joke

    By the 4th Quarter in the 2016 Pro Bowl, they were playing touch football. Clearly the new system of the draft has not worked and players who are at the pro bowl don't try hard enough. Quite frankly, the only reason they go to the Pro Bowl anyway is to take the trip to Hawaii for the weak

  • The Pro bowl

    The more and more i watch the pro bowl i get more in shock that its still here no defense being played no good hits i seen the pro bowl last night and got the biggest upset of my life 3 sec hold really that is really the gayest game of football in my life i have ever seen in the NFL so if no one going to play the game that everyone love to watch and the players should love to play why keep the pro bowl

  • No the NFL should not eliminate the Pro Bowl.

    They should completely change it however. I propose the NFL looks into its history books and goes back to the traditional format. The Pro Bowl used to take place two weeks after the championship game. The game was the championship team vs. the best from around the league. This made the game meaningful and more fun to watch! Sure you won the championship, but are you better than the best?

  • The NFL needs to go back to its roots.

    I agree the NFL should wait till after the Super Bowl, to have the Pro Bowl. I also think you should ban any player, for the following Pro Bowl who doesn't play to their full potential. Why did you agree to play with the so called best of the best, if you didn't play like the reason you were voted in the first place? Just pass on the opportunity and let someone else who will "PLAY" in the Pro Bowl. If not drop the Pro Bowl all together it's become a joke and just a reason to go to Hawaii.

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