• It's not necessarily about the success about the expansion itself, but also for future trade relations and sponsors...

    To those who argue about the use of the word "football" depending on location, there are very few places that actually hit the mark. The game that makes use of kicking the ball to progress the game, which is called football primarily in — but not restricted to — Europe, is actually called "association football". The game that makes use of throwing and running of the ball to reach a ten yard objective as they progress, which is called football primarily in — but again, not restricted to — North America (specifically the USA and Canada), is actually called "gridiron football". Now, referring to NFL international expansion, I think that it is a good idea. Maybe at first (or even for a few years) the result may be a loss of money, but it isn't like the NFL can't afford that; in contrast, the long-term benefits are huge. International trade between Europe and North America would flourish. Business opportunities for both sides would be tremendous. It would impact the European culture as they become more exposed to a foreign sport that I believe many would actually find themselves enjoying (to their own surprise). And if it doesn't catch on after a few years? Oh well, the NFL can cut their losses and know that they tried; even with an unsuccessful expansion attempt, they would still have opened the doors for the USA (and Canada) to many international business opportunities with Europe, and create a friendly business climate and relationship.

  • The NFL should expand internationally.

    Most countries in the world do not know about American football, so there is an enormous potential for growth of the sport. The new markets could expand the sport dramatically. It would make America and the sport of American football a lot more popular if it is introducted to new countries.

  • It doesn't need to expand.

    There are plenty of teams in the NFL at 32, That should be a limit. Europe has their own football codes: Soccer, Gaelic, Rugby League, & Rugby Union. Americas/gridiron football is the Americas game, Not world. American 11-man football should be pro Americas' football that should be a national & the whole continent sport only in the Americas, Canadian 12-man football should be college/university football in the Americas. London should no longer host NFL games, Mexico City should. There shouldn't have ever been NFL Europe, There can be NBA Europe instead.

  • It's the NATIONAL football league, not international.

    The NFL (along with the NBA) should not build teams in europe. It would be nice if American Football gets a global following, but I think that we have to have the NFL to do the London experiment to inspire foreign fans to create their own leagues. There are American football leagues in foreign countries, but they are as big as lacrosse is in this country. Also imagine the costs that the league has to suffer with the different currency that other countries have. The pound in the UK and the euro in the EU are radically different to the American dollar and as we know about the euro (greece, ireland, i'm looking at you) it can cause the NFL to be in HUGE debt. The flight costs, the expensive cost for a American to travel to say london and spend hundreds of dollars to visit a football game rather than visit the city. Also if the NFL wants to expand to foreign nations, give LA a freaking team already! I have a sense of feeling that the NFL is using the international market plan to absolve of themselves in giving the football hungry city of LA a darn team.

  • If It's Not Broke, Do Not Fix It

    The NFL should not expand internationally. They have games overseas and they haven't really been a great success. American Football gains the majority of its flowing from the states. Sports like basketball and soccer are bigger overseas. The price of marketing traveling, and trying to get people interested would make it not worth it in my pinion.

  • No, the NFL Should Not Expand Internationally

    The NFL along with the sport of football, (at least the US version) is unique. An international expansion would seem to serious difficulties from a cultural perspective. The USA is the only country in which its particular form of football is played. In all other countries, football is what is known to Americans as soccer. So an international expansion of the NFL and thus American Football would require the entire international concept of football to be addressed and changed, a major and severe undertaking. The National Football League is probably best to remain national.

  • Where will the interest be found?

    Sports like soccer and basketball make sense as international sports. People from many countries are involved in these sports and enjoy rooting for their team. Football, however, is an American phenomenon. I don't think that there will be an audience for it in other countries. I think an endeavor to expand internationally would likely lose money.

  • No, the NFL should remain in the US for logistical reasons

    The rigors of a NFL season are difficult enough without inter-continental travel. Although it's a nice spectacle to have one game a year overseas to show case the game, this should remain an oddity. To expand the game, the NFL should be looking at creating more regional leagues, similar to NFL Europe.

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