• Should be considered

    NFL should consider this idea. I think they have in previous off-season meetings. It is a delicate topic though for the league. Teams use the preseason to evaluate their players. That is why most of the obvious starters for the regular season are not playing in the games. Reducing the preseason for a longer regular season or postseason would mean less time for evaluation of their players. On the other hand, an expanded regular season and postseason is very intriguing.

  • Yes it should

    I just think it should not trying to start an argument but I enjoy football and would like to see it have a longer season. The nfl can be very fun and interesting to watch and I think many fan would like to be able to watch more football. Cowboys!!

  • Season should be shortened

    I remember 14 game seasons. It started 3rd week of Sep, ended with 1 post-season championship game late Dec. Less injuries. Expanding to 16 games made for more injuries. To even consider more is lunacy. Concussions are too frequent. If anything, season should go back to 14 games. Football was not meant to be an Arctic game, but an autumn game. Start in Sep, end in Dec.


  • Contract season length

    NFL should consider reducing games starting with only 2 preseason games and 14 regular season games. Keep the 17 week season and have each team get 3 bye weeks each season with the understanding there is a bye week before any Thursday game. Only other changes would be expand playoffs to 7 teams each conference, put the kickoff tee on the 50 yard line and lower the 15 minute quarters to 12. And openly embrace sports gambling. Betting happens, so stop acting like is such an awful thing. Most likely won't happen as NFL stuck in mindset of more games equates more revenues. And longer games mean more as time to sneak in. There is fatigue factor where folks can only tolerate so much and NFL may killing their goose that is laying the golden eggs.

  • No, it's adequate.

    Sixteen regular season games plus a full playoff schedule is more than enough for professional football. If the players had a longer season, they would suffer even more injuries and probably get more fatigued, making the playoffs and the Super Bowl less exciting. Part of the excitement of football is that there is only one game a week.

  • No, it is perfect the way it is.

    There is a popular argument against the expansion of the schedule, that being the intense physical nature of the sport, and the deleterious effects it has on the human body such as brain damage and paralysis. However, a more pragmatic argument against readjustment comes from the perfectly mathematical nature of the schedule as it exists now. There are 32 teams playing sixteen games per year. Under this system, each team is guaranteed to play every other team at least once every four years, as well as being matched evenly through strength of schedule. Expanding the schedule to 18 games would upset the balance and lead to weird schedules such as we saw when there was an uneven number of teams in the league.

  • No, its overplaying right now as it is

    The NFL is dealing with a lack of fan interest, a girth of injury, and being an overpriced sport to the fans. The NFL needs to rethink their entire business model and focus more on the players health and the fans before they think their idea of adding more games, quality over quantity.

  • They Need To Keep The Schedule The Way It Is

    The NFL does need to expand the amount of games they play. The players and fans do not want to see this. It will lead to more injuries for players and hurt the game The only people that want this is the greedy owners who want to bleed more dollars out of fans' pockets.

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