• Four games is not enough.

    At most, a team will play four games, which is not enough to be interesting. Out of thirty-two teams, only twelve get into the playoffs in the first place, and that represents a mildly narrow opportunity to make it to the Super Bowl. I think there should be more teams in the playoffs and more rounds, perhaps a double-elimination tournament could work.

  • Yes, make it that the top 2 teams in each division will qualify for the postseason

    If the NFL could add 2 more teams into the playoff bracket (16 teams not 14) would add extra profits for both the NFL and some stadium revenues, It would also bring the excitement of a struggling team in the regular season make it to the tournament and stun the No.1 seed in the opening round of the playoffs, and a shorter offseason (yay!)

  • Yes, having 8 nfc and 8 afc teams in the playoffs would be good.

    I think having an elite eight would be very cool. Have four teams from the nfc and four teams from the afc play. Then the winner plays a team that has a bye in the wild card and have the winner of the wild card play a team that is the number 1 and 2 seed in the divisional round. So eight total for the AFC and eight for the NFC.

  • Yes they should

    The NFL playoffs need to be extended to 25 seasons for the best teams to get in i am sick of 8-8 teams getting told you're in over 11-5 teams. The cardinals should have got a first round by instead of the packers. But the panthers beat the cardinals any way everybody's happy.

  • Yes they should

    You could give the best wild card team a bye-week for the real wild card game and them face the winner of the other 2 teams that got wild card. Also, a 8-7 team can get in because a 10-5 team sat out because the other teams had higher records

  • Yes they should

    You could give the best wild card team a bye-week for the real wild card game and them face the winner of the other 2 teams that got wild card. Also, a 8-7 team can get in because a 10-5 team sat out because the other teams had higher records

  • Are you kidding yes

    Yes, because the 8-7-1 Packers got in but the 10-5 Cardinals did not get in. There are a lot of great teams that do not get to play in the playoffs because there in such a great division. Roger Goodell seriously needs to consider making this expansion. If you think no you've got some problems.

  • After 16 hard-fought games, only 3 and you're in?

    The past few years have seen teams with subpar records ride their way into the SuperBowl after catching a hot streak. Three wins during a hot streak and you're into the Super Bowl. Teams should be pushed to fight harder for a right to the Lombardi trophy; truly the best team should make it, and that should require having to duke it out a bit more.

  • More Games to watch

    I believe football fans like me who don't like just one team but love the whole league would love to see more games because even if it's just a few more games that is still more than before. The other reason I believe it is good because some teams such as the cardinals had a great record and season but still didn't make the playoffs and some of these teams have a much better chance then some divisional winners.

  • Let me team get in!

    Yes, I think the NFL should extend the playoffs. I want to see my team get a chance to be in the playoffs!

    My team hasn't made it for two years now and I'd like to see them have a chance. I understand that the point of the playoffs is to encourage the teams to do well during the regular season, but it would be profitable for the NFL to let every team compete in the playoffs. More games means more money for everyone and then those of us who have what some would call lackluster teams get a chance to participate in the competitive post season.

  • Let losing teams in

    8-8 teams already get in. If they extend the playoffs next thing we know teams with losing seasons will end up in the playoffs. That's not fair to the good teams. Right now it works. Leave it the way it is. There is a reason why people boo Roger Goodell at the draft.

  • The current system is perfect.

    I hate the idea of adding playoff teams. I get that fans enjoy the idea of more meaningful games. But this action would diminish the importance of the regular season. With 6 teams already making it, there is usually a threat of an 8-8 team making it each season. I would even go as far to say I don't enjoy seeing 9-7 teams make the playoffs. The playoffs should be reserved for the best teams of the season, excluding those that had mediocre years and squeaked into a final spot. The only thing about the playoffs I would change is the seeding structure. I think the wild card teams should be awarded higher seeds if they have a better record than some division winners. This sets up for better match ups as the playoffs go on. Look at the NFC West. Seattle and San Francisco are probably among the 3 best teams in the conference, along with New Orleans. I would love to see the seeds reflect that. But under the current system, the runner up of the NFC cannot be higher than the 5 seed.

  • No, the NFL should not extend playoff games

    Football is my favorite sport, but it would become overkill at some point if they extended the playoffs. There is enough excitement in the regularly scheduled games. Part of what makes the playoffs so great is that you know that a team really only gets one or two chances to advance. It would probably be quite lucrative for the NFL to add games, but overall it would diminish the anticipation and intensity of the entire game.

  • Keep It The Way It Is

    The NFL should not extend the amount of playoff games during their postseason. The aura of the playoffs is diminished when you let everyone in. Not to mention that most of the Wild Card game are already boring. More games also gives a greater chance for injuries so I do not think it is a good idea.

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