• It could spice things up

    A NFL draft lottery will probably never happen, or at least not any time soon; but, I do think it could make a very interesting event, attract a lot of fans, pop a rating for the respected network if it were to be aired, and give teams that may be down in their dumps, more of a shot.

  • They need one now

    Having a draft lottery would discourage teams from tanking games (Suck for Luck, Tank for Teddy, etc) to try for the #1 pick to draft an unproven college prospect.

    It would be televised just like the NBA and this would bring huge TV ratings with fans eager to find out where their favorite team is picking.

    A 9-7 team that barely missed the playoffs would have a shot at the #1 pick.

    The lottery would be held a month before the draft, giving fans plenty of time to set their fantasy draft boards.

  • No, it wouldn't work well.

    No, it wouldn't work well in the NFL. Although it works for some other sports, like basketball in the NBA, it just wouldn't be the right fit for the NFL. It doesn't work well with football. Things are done different there for a reason. A draft lottery would not help.

  • No the NFL should not have a draft lottery

    No, as an avid viewer of NFL games I do not think that now is the time for the NFL to have a draft lottery. I think that the current system in place of allowing teams with the worst previous seasons' records to draft first is the best way to get players to NFL teams.

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