Should the NFL have suspended Josh Gordon for one year for testing positive for marijuana?

  • Marijuana is still illegal in many places

    I agree that Josh Gordon should have been suspended for testing positive for marijuana. While I believe that marijuana should not be illegal, the fact is that it is still illegal in most states. Josh Gordon broke the law, and he should not be allowed to skirt it. I think the NFL had a duty to suspend him.

  • Yes, the NFL should have suspended Josh Gordon.

    Yes, the NFL should have suspended Josh Gordon after he tested positive for substance abuse. In my opinion, policies and laws are in place to ensure that any rule breaking has consistent consequences. By not suspending him for a year, the NFL was sending a message that they do not consider his infraction to be serious.

  • Yes, they should suspend him because he broke the rules of his contract.

    While I don't believe that marijuana itself is really an issue, the fact that Josh Gordon broke the rules of his contract and tested positive for a drug is reason enough to suspend him from the NFL for a year. If he was not ready to commit to steering clear of drugs then he has to deal with the consequences of his actions.

  • No they shouldn't

    Yeah i get it marijuana is illegal but Le'veon Bell only got a one week suspension. The max for substance abuse should only be one week or maybe two weeks. Yeah he also broke his contract but still you can't tell me their aren't a bunch more players in any sport that does some drug that is illegal

  • But marijuana? Really?

    As someone who enjoys the occasional spliff I have got to say I'm amazed he can smoke weed and still have the energy to play football at that level. I struggle to find the motivation to go downstairs and make a sandwich when I'm high so I think if he can get up to train for a team at that level of competition he should be awarded a medal!

  • Suspending him was just idiotic.

    He shouldn't have gotten suspended for an entire season. I however do agree he needed to get suspended but not on such a high degree. For example, Ray Rice only got suspended for a couple weeks for something way worse, Domestic Violence. Josh Gordon probably feels like he got ripped off, not to mention he was on my fantasy football team.

  • No They Shouldn't

    As a people we need to stop demonizing marijuana and it's use. For thousands of years we lived on this planet with marijuana and didn't give it a thought. Marijuana was demonized by governments to stop hemp production and otherwise make money in other ways. There is nothing wrong with smoking marijuana and we need to stop making up rules for our culture that don't even make sense.

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