Should the NFL provide more support to football players after they retire from playing?

  • Real Fans Last a Lifetime

    The NFL should act like any other decent employer, helping employees as and after they transition into retirement. Players start devoting their life to the sport long before most regular employees would, and are forced by the effortfulness of their sport to retire relatively early. Especially given the tendency towards injuries, physical and mental, that can plague NFL retirees, it seems only right that their previous employers pick up some slack and show the support that they expect from fans.

  • Yes, the NFL should provide more support to players after they retire.

    As often as people complain of the exorbitant salaries paid to professional athletes, the fact is, at the end of the day, these figures pale in comparison to the profits being made by the league itself. Given that, the organization should surely be held more responsible for players' welfare after retirement. After all, no sport is harder on a person's mind and body than football.

  • Yes the NFL needs to provide much more support to retired players

    With the typical careen in the NFL only being 4.3 years and resulting in injuries that affect players for the rest of their lives the NFL needs to put programs into place to provide assistance to retired players. Not only financial assistance the help with quality of life issues as well.

  • NFL should not provide more support to players after they retire

    The NFL should not provide more support to football players after they retire from playing. NFL players are already extremely overplayed in their career field, and if they do not manage their money well enough to support themselves after they retire, that is their own mistake. Basic jobs performed by every-day people do not provide a significant amount of support following retirement unless the employee has prepared for that. The NFL should not be an exception to that.

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