Should the NFL suspend players guilty of committing flagrant hits?

  • Yes,flagrant hits should be illegal and there should be a 20 yard penalty reward for the offense.

    If you say yesterday's football game between the Panthers and the Broncos you can see the Broncos defense were flagrant hitting Cam Newton the whole game.As a punishment of this flagrant violation the player should get a hefty fine and a 1 season suspension.Also,if you saw the Panthers vs Giants highlights,you can frequently see Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr fighting thoughtout the game.Later in that game ODB hit Josh Norman on the helmet.This also flagrant violation was made multiple times by the Broncos defense yesterday,this is also the reason why the Panthers lost the damn game and that the National Football League is a money/rating grabbing league.If the blind referee called the foul the Panthers should've had been rewarded with those yards.Therefore the National Football League is an illuminati controlled league

  • Yes.

    Illegal hits should be punished by more than fines. Yes, the NFL is making a lot of noise about suspending those that are repeat offenders (such as James Harrison) but they aren't really stepping up to the plate when it comes to suspension. They seem content to sit back and fine players, which is nothing. A suspension would cause a player to think more about his actions.

  • A flagrant hit calls for suspension.

    It is known that hockey is a rough sport. People attend the games just to watch the players fight at times. But I don't think this is worth people getting seriously injured. In order to deter players from getting too rough in their play, I think that it is fair for players who commit flagrant hits to be suspended for one game.

  • Flagrant Hits in NFL will get a player suspended.

    When a defensive player intentionally makes a flagrant helmet to helmet hit on an offensive player, they should be suspended for a minimum of one game. The offensive player is sometimes in a very vulnerable position and a hit of this type can result in injuries to the offensive player and possible the defensive player also. The defensive player needs to learn how to tackle properly so the games will be safer for all players.

  • Let Them Play

    The NFL should not be suspending players for flagrant hits. Football is a violent sport and the league needs to let the players play. If players keep getting called for flags and fined they will start laying timid and precociously. That will negatively effect the product that is one the field.

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