• Yes! Nfl players should be tested for steroids no matter what, these people have gone wacko!!

    Any man you name could be in the nfl for that matter and, im not saying girls cant play in the nfl but it has not happend yet. Im sad to see what has happend to the nfl or any sport for that matter. Period point blank yes!( test steroids) , the nfl is for championship rings and, all that fun stuff not just he was clean on drugs last year so that means hes clean this year. So yes to rest my case every body in the national football leauge should be tested every year!

  • YES!!!!! The NFL should test players

    The fact that we Know there is people out there that want to cheat and make the game unfair is not cool it is also unsafe for the people that love the sport lets get real taking steroids is just showing that you are weak unless u want the game to be unfair I suggest that everybody take tests. Now believe me everybody knows that Manny Pacqiou was on roids look at him in his first couple of fight then look when he was knocking people out but the minute Floyd Mayweather told him to test he made excuses untill he was sure the roids were out his system then he thet the people test him but guess what now people that fight Manny aren't getting KOed anymore cuz he isn't taking roids anymore

  • Unfair play si

    Steroids can cause unfair play by causing over strength careers can be jeopardized and those who dont take ped's are naturally good and have talents but those who are bad shame on them if they aren't naturally good shouldn't even be out there on the field ped's can jeopardize their careers

  • Keep the game fair

    The NFL should not test for any other recreational drugs that have no bearing on performance enhancement, but steroids will greatly change the face of the game. Either everyone will be on steroids or nobody will, and it's best to keep some shred of dignity in the sport while there's still time.

  • NFL Does Test for Steroids

    The National Football League does test for steroids, but the league isn't that diligent about tackling this issue. Athletes shouldn't be allowed to use steroids, even due to negligence by the NFL. These players need to be punished for trying to cheat and make a travesty of the game today.

  • Better safe then sorry

    The way I see it, NFL should test for steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. The last time a coach wants is his most valuable player to be taking these kind of drugs. I honestly think the NFL should give all of its played yearly random drug testing just to be safe.

  • The NFL should test for steroids.

    Steroids are dangerous and no one in professional sports should be allowed to use them, especially in the NFL. With the rise of steroid use in other professional sports, officials should start testing NFL players in order to protect the integrity of the sport and the health of the players.

  • NFL Should Test For Steroids

    Yes, in the interest of fair play, the NFL should test for steroids. By not testing for steroids, the NFL would be allowing cheating to occur. In addition, the organization would be placing players lives in jeopardy as steroids can have severely negative impacts upon the players that take steroids.

  • Of course they should test.

    They should, just like every other sport, test for steroids. It would be stupid not to. They should also definitely be testing HGH, but they haven't been until recently. I personally think that all these guys are juicing to some extent, whether the substance is banned or not, they are enhancing their performance.

  • Yes, it is only fair.

    The NFL should definitely test for steroids. It is a sport that athletes are playing to earn money. The better the player, the more potential they have for a higher salary. It obviously gives someone an unfair advantage if they choose to use drugs over someone who is trying to win the game based on their natural talent as well as their hard work.

  • The game still isn't fair

    The NFL already tests for steroids but 10 in every 15 NFL athletes are already taking steroids. If steroids weren't tested for all the athletes would be taking steroids and it would make the game more fair then it is right now. Other drugs like tobacco are legal and they do just as much damage as steroids so why make steroids illegal just because they damage the player. They know what its going to do and they are going to have to live with the consequences

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