Should the NFL turn into an international sport?

Asked by: Gabe1e
  • The Demand is Growing Internationally!

    I've seen many countries playing football and some already have semi-pro leagues. If the NFL created a new international league etc. there would be less wear and stress on the players and it would be a great opportunity to increase popularity on an international level. The reason people want it to be an American only sport is that they are scared of the potential talent displayed by foreign players, and these so called "foreigners" may just end up playing world class football IN AMERICA. Its time to change, nothing stays the same forever.

  • All Major Sports Franchises expand

    As an English fan of the game who has attended matches specially brought to London for the international tour I thoroughly agree: Here's a few points why
    1) Turn over a lot more Revenue
    2) Draw in new fans and satisfy existing foreign fans
    3) Nearly every other sport has
    4) Improve international relations on many levels
    5) Promote tourism
    6) Draw in new foreign talent
    7)Take it to the next level
    8) Create more company relationships and partnerships in different industries
    9) Spread the Game's values and history to a wider audience thus enriching potential legacy!

  • Let it stay traditional

    I dont get why these days everyone tries to change up stuff. Dont you see how everyone enjoys watching old nfl films and learning about previous players. I think the nfl is perfectly fine as it is. NO ADDED TEAMS NO MOVING TEAMS, its an american sport. Make another international league if u want one so bad.

  • Not Enough Demand Elsewhere

    The NFL, despite its push to have a team in London, England, isn't in demand enough in other countries to be an international sport. NFL Europe was a failure. The only other country that plays some form of American football is Canada, and they have the CFL. Unless the NFL and CFL merge, the NFL should remain a purely American sport. Soccer rules the rest of the world. America should keep the NFL to itself.

  • It shouldn't be a international sport because

    The NFL is already great enough. I understand that the NFL has a lot of money under their belt but the NFL doesn't need to expand. 32 teams is already enough because the league is so big. In addition, football is America's game and all of the other countries have their sports anyway

  • I believe it should be only an American sport

    It would just be weird and stupid for it to be international. My friend says it should, but there would be way too much teams and most countries play soccer not football. It would be a complete disaster if the NFL was turned into an international sport. A complete disaster.

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