Should the NFL union fight Human Growth Hormone testing in players?

  • Does it really matter?

    A lot of people will say that human growth hormones affect other players abilities to measure up to players who partake in this activity. My personal feelings is that the NFL is so competitive and cutthroat, it really shouldn't come as a surprise that certain players will find any way to get an edge over their rivals. Is it the NFL's job to test these guys? Sure. As currently in the rulebook, such things are against the rules, but I personally don't really care either way. If someone wants to dope, that's their own problem, they have to live with themselves. If the NFL wants to take a stance similar to that, then yes they should fight the testing, but if they want to continue to enforce the rules as they are, then they should let things continue as they are.

  • Not if they want to be taken seriously

    You can't have a league that talks about cleaning the game up and protecting the players while it battles against attempts to keep them clean. They would look like an absolute joke if they had one bad word to say against testing for any kind of performance enhancing drugs, there's no way they'll battle it.

  • No, they should welcome it.

    The union should welcome anything that keeps players safe, and keeps the game clean. If players are following the rules, there should be no issues with submitting to the test. Many jobs require drug testing, why should football players, many who are making millions of dollars a season, be exempt? Take the test and stop whining!

  • No

    No I do not think the NFL union should fight HGH testing in the players. This hormone is dangerous if taken incorrectly and can cause serious side effects. It can also give some players an advantage over others. I think players should be tested for this and should get punished for using it.

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