Should the NHL be held responsible for economic losses from the lockout?

  • Yes, you made your bed so lie in it.

    The NHL displayed it's ignorance and selfishness now they must pay. Not to mention the loss of fans they will incur in the future. For a sport that is struggling for popularity in the mist of the NBA and the NFL. I feel they have made a big mistake and should pay for their on faults.

  • Yes, as well as the players.

    Yes, they should be held accountable, and so should the players. Due to their petty whining and refusal to make a deal together, lots of people have lost income that they were counting on. Management and the players alike were thinking only of themselves, and their own bottom lines. They never gave a thought to the money they were costing other people.

  • Just be glad that the lockout has been resolved.

    Although the NHL and the players are intertwined with many businesses, the NHL should not be held responsible for any economic losses that have been incurred. I think we should all just be glad that the lockout is over and that the players and teams will soon be playing again. We were all disappointed that the lockout even happened, but we should all be ready for the league to be 'alive' again.

  • No, not through government regulation or something

    Yes, there were probably people adversely affected by the NHL lockout. However, that is the nature of the beast. The NHL should not be held responsible for "economic losses" from this problem--they were simply trying to negotiate among themselves. All organizations should have that freedom without fear that the government will step in and try and "fix" things.

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