• Yes they should contract more teams

    If the NHL contract more teams that means more teams means more hockey for all the hockey fans out there like me we all want more hockey the food side is that it gives the players more training so they can get better at the sport they love which is hockey

  • Yes, absolutely!

    I think the NHL should at least have one team for every state. And why doesn't Alaska have their own hockey team? That to me is so ridiculous. They have snow practically year round, it's the perfect place for hockey to invade! I want to see the NHL take over in the standings. NFL, step aside!

  • Yes, why not?

    Isn't that the purpose of having a sport? For competition? If there is the desire to see more teams, that would lead to more fan support, wouldn't it? Yes, there would be a bit of a learning curve, but doesn't that give for some great underdog type of competition? It's fun to watch a local team beat the odds, so to speak. I don't see anything wrong with adding more teams to the league.

  • No

    It would be a terrible idea to add new teams just for the sake of variety. Those teams would not have enough time to build as good of a team as other teams have had years to establish. These inexperienced players would be unable to compete and would not end up serving any purpose. The league should remain the same.

  • Horrendous idea

    Adding franchises for the quick cash grab knowing there isn't enough talent to fill all their rosters is part of what got the league where it is now. The other part is Bettman letting the league sit out a year every time people start to care about it again, but I digress. The NHL needs less teams, not more.

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