• Do it now

    The NHL has a marketable brand for the globe to enjoy. Competing with the NFL in North America is next to impossible. Hockey can use their worldy brand to its advantage and gain an upper hand on football with a European division. Letthem play amongst each other, and have a quarter of their games across the pond, for time/travel issues.

  • Yes, why not?

    Since when does any single country have jurisdiction over a type of sport? Just because a sport may have gained popularity in a particular region does not mean the sport should shun all other areas. Besides, the more fans a sport has, the stronger that sport becomes. Current fans of NHL should *want* the sport to expand. After all, an expansion would ensure the continuation of the sport regardless of team squabbles or lock outs.

  • Time Zones

    It would be impossible because of the time differences. Teams on the east coast do not like playing on the west coast. Any team in Europe would have to regularly travel back and forth and it would wear them down. Who would want to play for a team that takes daily trips across the Atlantic.

  • Keeping the NHL in North America

    Although many hockey players come from Europe, it is in North America where the first formal high-level league came into formulation. From this, many American and Canadian fans have shown their support as fans over the course of many years. While a move to Europe may be justified by declining fan numbers, there is no recent statistical evidence to substantiate such a decision.

  • North America is where NHL belongs.

    The National Hockey League pays tribute to North America especially Canada for its roots. Though many cultures and countries have ties to ice hockey, the NHL was organized and founded for North America. Many players from Europe have shown interest and have contributed to the sport but the individual and diverse countries of Europe wouldn't prove a proper host nor a beneficial fan base.

  • NHL is only likeable to Americans.

    I don't believe that Europeans will at all like the NHL. NHL is a sport that compasses a lot of fighting and people in European countries wouldn't want fights. I know a lot of NHL fans who just watch to see the fights and I believe the NHL league also knows about this as they advise their refs to allow fighting in this kind of team sport.

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