• Yes, I think salary caps promote healthy competition

    I think it is important for the NHL and other leagues to have a salary cap. I do believe the cap would need to still be at a level that is fair to the players and would give each player the opportunity to make what they are worth. The intention of salary caps would be to make sure the talent is spread out to multiple teams so one team does not have a monopoly creating an unfair advantage.

  • Not A Chance

    Look how prosperous the NHL has been without a salary cap. Actually, look how awesome any American league has been without a salary cap. They don't do what they're supposed to do, they only make every team a little more equal which makes for a boring league. I love hockey, but having 30 teams that are somewhat competitive with each other is excruciatingly boring. Just this year we had 12 teams separated by 10 wins. That's exciting in baseball, not hockey. Salary caps ruin sports because they give everyone an unearned advantage.

  • If other sports organizations do not have a salary cap, the NHL should not have one

    The NHL is a sports organization like the NFL, MLB and NBA (organizations that do not have salary caps) why should the NHL be any different? It could be argued that athletes make an obscene amount of money (which in itself is a whole another debate), but that is an argument that goes across the board. So again if the only basis for the salary cap is because it is the NHL, no there should not be a salary cap.

  • No, other jobs don't

    Other jobs don't have caps, so why should professional athletes be any different? It does seem that they get paid an incredible amount of money to play games and, at times, that seems ridiculous, but it is still a job and they should be paid relative to their skill and contributions to the team.

  • No, salary caps for sports never made sense to me

    This is a leisure activity, right? People are paying their own money to see these games. Owners want to win. Why should the salaries these owners pay be regulated? It makes sense that the team with the highest amount of money would be able to afford the best players. Why do we care? It's not a non profit organization, it doesn't actually affect our well being. It's a fun game that we want to watch. I personally want to watch the best players. Pay them already!

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