Should the "No Child Left Behind" act be eliminated?

  • Not all children are the same

    The No Child Left Behind Act is a noble idea but it does not achieve its goals. For people with learning disabilities they are forced to advance faster than they should or sometimes can. This does not help them in fact it can hurt those children in the long run.

  • The "No Child Left Behind" act should be eliminated.

    The "No Child Left Behind" act should be eliminated. This is because I think the state should be capable of handling this task and knowing what the state needs to advance its learning in a particular school. We do not need the government stepping in for everything that we can accomplish ourselves.

  • Yes plain and simple

    I say YES because it should not be up to ther federal government to get involved with Education and the DoE (Dept. Of Edu) should be abolished because only each state knows what they need. The federal government has to much power and most things that it does could be effectively run by the states . Same goes with marriage. The Fed should NOT dictate your marriage( i am against gay marriage) , the state should.

  • Yes

    The act, while drafted with noble intentions, has put a colossal strain on local and municipal finances. It's a bad act that does not achieve its primary objective and instead strains the local educational system to the breaking point. It is a bad piece of legislation and should be repealed.

  • I think we should keep it!

    When it comes to developmentally challenged children, the child left behind act is great for their education. Now, my daughter is a head of her class mates, so I feel if government can enact the "no child left behind act" then we should also establish an act for children that are advanced so they can better succeed in school!

  • We Should Keep It

    "No Child Left Behind" is one of the best things to happen to education in the past few years. It shows commitment to students and helping them do as best as they can to finish the grade they are in. Why would we get rid of it? If we did, we'd be saying that we give up on some kids and that other things are more important that a child's education.

  • We should keep it!

    All children should be able to receive the best education possible. Children that have learning disabilities should be educated and treated like other children. Children with learning disabilities are often made fun of and not accepted with other children. That is one of the reasons why the "No child left behind" act was established!

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