• It's very annoying.

    Countless times have I remembered hearing a 10-year-old asking me to stay away from his "No No Square". It's stupid, And it's a stolen joke.

    I've played VRchat, And 4/10 lobbies have a 9-year-old kid with a toothbrush avatar screaming at the top of his squeaky lungs about his no no square.

  • Huh? Who does this?

    Have no idea what this is and am afraid to look it up out of fear of funding it more somehow. Things have been fine without ever knowing it existed as of yet, So yes it can go away and would not hurt anything. Life is better when it's simpler anyway.

  • Ij j j

    N n b b j b j j v v v v v j b j j j b b b j j b b b b b j bb j j j b bj j k b k k k i kn j j k j j j i

  • No No square

    Whoever said that should be deleted because this idea is gae. It is also extremely stupid since No no square is the best. No no don’t ban the the song, It is my favourite song. I vote no. Bleb u suk if u hate the song. It is blessed so no.

  • No no square is good for our health

    So why should we take it away it is helping lives and kids so takeing it away basically saying that ppl should get corona virus and nobody wants that and it's funny so technically we shouldn't no no square should not be taken away bc it is helping kids and teens lives

  • No it shouldn’t

    I believe that the no no squares are supposed to teach you not to touch people private things ok and of course it can also stop the spread of the virus ok and no they should have to keep the no no square meme because it stops the spread of Covid-19

  • No no square

    The no no square is good for your health because it tells people not to touch you and its a really really
    funny song / meme and it could stop you in theory from getting corona virus and help stop the spread no no don't touch me there this is my no no square.

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FreedomBeforeEquality says2020-06-28T20:12:24.267
What is this?
chungusfanatic79 says2020-08-14T18:54:04.357
How do you "delete" a meme? Download the picture and put it in your computers trash can? Memes are immortal

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