Should the NRA and its allies accept changes to gun regulation?

  • Yes, the NRA and its allies should accept changes to gun regulation.

    Yes, the NRA and its allies should accept changes to gun regulation. The changes to gun regulation are meant to save lives, so the NRA and it's allies should have no problem accepting them. The NRA should put it's pride aside and help to save the lives of innocent people, whou would be affected by gun violence.

  • Yes they should.

    The vast majority of the US population agrees that there should at least be universal background checks when it comes to gun purchases. The NRA should at least hear this voice and accept the changes to regulation. They don't need to get on board with other policies, but ones that are so supported should be.

  • Better accept it than become irrelevant.

    The National Rifle Association and its associated acts need to stop acting like such major drama queens. If they're that shrill all the time, any time gun control legislation is announced, then pretty soon they'll just become background noise. By accepting that new laws are required, they can ensure they are a vital part of the decision making process.

  • They should accept new regulations.

    The NRA and other gun activists should wizen up to the new laws that go into effect. Even though they might disagree with them, the laws are the laws and they should just accept the new regulation. It does no good to disobey them and get thrown into jail instead.

  • Regulation of Deadly Weapons is Fundamental to the 2nd Amendment's Protections

    I am aghast at the strong opposition to meaningful policies on Weapons Control & I have pledged my support for implementing policies that will reduce both access to guns and the tragic violence resulting from the use of these guns.

    We regulate and license the use of vehicles, aircraft, and professional licensing. Who would consider it logical, ethical or consistent to not regulate the sale & use of deadly weapons?

    Are we to believe we should support the existing "Constitutionally Protected Rights" of individuals to commit murder with sophisticated weapons?

    Can we please focus on interpreting the Constitution correctly and PROTECT Americans from hedonistic interpretations that compromise the safety and liberties of the majority?

    Streets should be safe, children should not be murdered in school and the Constitution is designed to PROTECT Americans. The 2nd Amendment is not a license for unshackled access to incredibly dangerous weapons.

    Join me in supporting meaningful actions to reduce violence in America. Thanx-ML

  • Yes, but they won't.

    The NRA would be wise to accept changes to gun regulations. If they would try working with law makers, instead of against them, it would show America that they aren't just a bunch of gun toting fat cats who only care for their mighty second amendment rights. The NRA has entirely too much influence in politics and too much financial backing to feel a need to accept any kind of gun regulations.

  • Yes, the NRA should accept gun legislation changes.

    The NRA should be prepared to accept changes in gun legislation. The NRA's lobbyists cannot continue to push for softer gun laws when mentally ill people can easily purchase firearms. NRA lobbyists have succeeded in loosening gun laws, but that has only made it easier for people to get firearms that should not have them.

  • Absolutely

    The NRA supports an outdated gun culture of gun enthusiasts, collectors, hunters, and people who want to defend their homes. With the escalation of gun violence in this country, their argument of "guns don't kill people, people kill people," will only go so far. They will say that violent people will kill with a knife instead of a gun, or will make home-made guns, or get black-market guns, but if guns are harder to get, we can prevent violence. If the man in CT had knives instead of guns, he would not have been able to put more than 10 bullets into a single child. Lives would have been saved. If the NRA were smart, they would be in favor of steeper gun regulations.

  • Yes

    The NRA is a bloated lobby group that is more interested in money than actually solving issues. There is no reasonable person that really believes anyone should be able to carry around any weapon they want in any way they feel like. The NRA keeps a strict opinion on gun control despite numerous examples of more stringent laws needed because that gets them more money.

  • The NRA and its allies should not accept changes to gun regulation.

    The NRA and its allies should not accept changes to gun regulation. They should fight for the people that want the right to bear arms. They should do whatever necessary to make sure our freedoms are not taken away from everybody because a few citizens are reckless. We need to be able to protect ourselves and our families.

  • Why should we?

    Because a couple of maniacs went on a shooting, we should all lose our rights? If by regulation, you mean how gun sales are carried out, then yes you are absolutely right, there shouldn't be any private gun dealerships, there needs to be harder background checks and restrictions on people who take anti-depressants, that doesn't mean the American people should be restricted from owning an assault rifle if they have committed no such crime with it.

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