Should the NRA armed guard ad have gone after Obama's kids?

  • First they aren't school armed guards just secrete service, second it makes a valid point.

    Who protects Obama's kids, multiple highly trained guys with guns. Who is protecting yours, people with guns ten minutes away. Don't get me wrong, they need the security, they are the presidents kids that alone warrants protection, but are their lives worth more than my kids? Symbolically in a political stance, yes, in reality, no. Two kids get multiple guards, but one armed guard for hundreds of kids is outrageous. How can you not point out Obama's hypocrisy without mentioning it?

  • Should the NRA armed guard ad have gone after Obama's kids?

    I believe that there are times when one can include the President's children in news stories. I do not believe it is right to include them in stories which are for political gain. The NRA is well known. Their views are shared by many Americans. However, I do not believe this action is acceptable.

  • No, this was very wrong

    The President's children did not run for the office. They are innocent. They have no say in President Obama's policies. By invoking their names, the NRA is making them a target. That is absolutely wrong, and should be stopped. Go ahead and attack the president, but leave his family out of it. That is just common sense.

  • No

    No they should not have. I think it was ridiculous that even mentioned them. I have children that attend school. If I were the president, then I would expect them to have armed guards. Not now, as normal children with normal parents. There are MANY people out there that could try to harm the presidents kids and they should always have guards.

  • No, that is an off-limits suggestion.

    The NRA should have never gone after Obama's kids in the gun discussion. The presidential family has always had protection, and should. To suggest what they did was unconscionable, and serves to reduce their integrity (such as it is). The fact that they would hit so low and so inappropriately makes one wonder if they have lost all ability to reason.

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