Should the NRA be classified as a terrorist organization?

Asked by: AdmiralSupreme
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  • No, The NRA should not be considered a terrorist organization.

    Terrorist organizations actively seek to harm people. The NRA merely advocates for gun rights, Saying that only people in a sound state of mind and those with a clean background may own guns. By clean I mean free of murder or robbery or other violent domestic crime. Almost 100 percent of shootings in the US are carried out by career criminals who acquired their guns illegally, Or those with a mental illness, Who America on the whole does not pay attention to closely enough. By which, Of course, I mean funding mental health institutions and constructing them and etc. In contrast, Those who oppose the NRA to the the point that they call them a terrorist organization are also some of the most violent people in America. I, Of course, Refer to radical leftist groups like antifa. The NRA's one goal is to educate people on the use of guns and protect the right to use them.

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