Should the NRA kick out Ted Nugent for being a racist?

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  • Why would the klan kick out a member for saying racist things?!

    This comes as no surprise that this particular "human being" would think and say something like this. It basically reflects a lot of the sentiments that most republican voters have. IT just proves when it comes to the words, actions, and justifications of the republican base u really have to go to the nazi archives to find a comparison

  • No, he is not a racist.

    No, the NRA should not kick out Ted Nugent for being a racist, because he is not a racist. Additionally, the NRA is an organization that stands for the protection of Second Amendment rights. It is not an organization that takes a stand on issues of race. Therefore, they should not concern themselves with Ted Nugent's opinions about race.

  • No they shouldnt

    There are plenty of reasons why Ted Nugent should be jettisoned from the NRA, but being a racist shouldnt be one of those reasons.... Because if being a racist gets you banned from the NRA, then by my statistics about 85% of people who are a part of the NRA would also have to be kicked out for being racist.


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