Should the NRA stand its ground in light of recent tragedies?

  • Democracy Requires Opposition

    While I do not agree with many of the specific policies of the NRA with regards to gun rights/control, I do recognize the importance of a dissenting opinion (such as my own), especially when such an opinion is the only thing stopping an opposition from taking extreme measures (without thinking) in a very short period of time. Disagreement and holding to one's principles in partially responsible for the way our society at least attempts to develop a moderate and centrist view when crafting public policy, and therefore dissenting from the majority in order to support one's views should be encouraged, not frowned upon.

  • They Should Back Off

    A great deal of members don't even agree with their stances on things like assault rifles and are in it because of its support for things like hunting. Nobody is attacking hunting guns. That has a legitimate purpose that doesn't involve killing any people. Assault rifles are for one thing, killing people. They are not even useful in self-defense compared to a handgun.

  • No

    The NRA are a group who for what ever reason feel they need a gun to protect themselves. Or is it that they think that to enable them to stand tall over anybody else they need a gun to back them up. I encourage the NRA to work with government to support the regulation of gun ownership. Countries that have introduced tighter gun control measures through, regulation, amnesty periods, etc., reduced the number of guns in the community. Following this death by gun numbers reduced

  • No, they have gone too far

    The NRA is a group of lobbyists who have lost touch with what they are even fighting for. They are a bloated corporation feeding off uniformed people who think they are in danger of losing the right to bear arms. The NRA needs to realize that there is a correlation between certain types of weapons and bad crimes and accept that restrictions need to be put in place for the safety of everyone.

  • No, the NRA needs to back off.

    The NRA needs to realize that it's extremist position is a large part of the gun problem in this country. By insisting that all guns be permitted, with no limits, they've opened Pandora's Box. They need to start to compromise, and back common sense gun control laws, or we're going to see more tragedies like the one in Newtown.

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