• I believe that the NRA should stay silent after the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

    I believe that the NRA should stay silent after the tragedy
    at Sandy Hook. If they can’t say
    something nice, then they shouldn’t say anything at all. The NRA doesn’t even care about the families
    of the children that died at Sandy Hook.
    The only thing that they really care about is preserving their gun

  • The NRA should stay silent after Sandy Hook.

    After the tragedy at Sandy Hook, the NRA has little right to advocate more widespread use and availability of guns. The fact that the NRA has started to argue for more gun use after Sandy Hook has shown very little respect for the victims. Clearly, guns are the problem, not the solution.

  • Yes. They should stay silent, what could they possibly say?

    I have always been one to say everyone has a right to protect themselves. A few things come to mind since the tragedy at Sandy Hook: I have children who I am concerned for. I don't want to send them to school anymore. The teachers aren't armed for combat. Any nut with a grudge can go into the school and take it out on a bunch of kids and people who he feels wronged him in kindergarten. Where to draw the line between protection and over indulgence. Who needs a military grade assault rifle for personal protection? For that matter, since the case has often been made against the tobacco companies that smoking is bad for you and they have often been sued for millions, I suggest to the parents and families who have lost someone at Sandy Hook on that terrible day, perhaps someone should consider suing the NRA. Maybe they should be held accountable for the stupidity that has been allowed to continue and contribute to this tragedy. There are now twenty six people who will not grow up or grow old. There is a vast difference between protecting one self, and being paranoid and going over board. If those weapons were not so easy to get, perhaps those children would still be alive today.

  • No, the NRA is all the more important.

    No, the NRA should not stay silent after Sandy Hook, because the NRA's function is now all the more important. The NRA needs to continue in its mission which is to promote the responsible use of guns. Something should not be banned, simply because it can be misused. By that logic, food should be illegal.

  • NRA Should Take Steps to Prevent Disasters

    The NRA shouldn't stay silent after the Sandy Hook shooting because they should have a stance against psychos having access to guns. Perhaps more of the NRA's budget should go towards a better mental health care system in America. The NRA can also help donate money to have more armed guards in schools. The NRA can branch out and do so many more helpful things aside from having "yay for us" gun shows all over America.

  • NRA Supports What They Believe In

    I do not believe the NRA should stay silent following the incidents at Sandy Hook. I believe the events of Sandy Hook happened because one person did not receive the medical care that they needed. Mental disorders are issues that will hopefully be more thoroughly covered and treated with the implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act. The NRA is very adamant about protecting firearm rights within the United States and there are many people who support their outspoken political comments and statements. We should never discourage people or organizations from expressing their opinions. Freedom of speech is one of the corner stones of America.

  • Apparently, the NRA has already spoken out via their website.

    I have checked and it seems that NRA gift memberships are available to buy online and that they make the ideal Christmas gift for any young loner with mental health issues, who still lives at home and who keeps a large collection of high-powered guns in his bedroom. One year membership costs just $35.00 and comes with an Official NRA members-only Shooter's cap; Membership card and decal; Insurance for him and his guns; Invitations to "Friends of NRA" dinners and other special events. But wait, there’s more! Order now and NRA will rush the disturbed young man his first copy of one of NRA’s monthly magazines.

    Personally, I think the NRA could do better than this and pledge do support legislators who want to ensure that the supply of guns is limited to those trained and licensed professionals who require firearms for legitimate sporting or law-enforcement purposes.

  • No

    They would face a lot of backlash if they stay quiet, it would be very disrespectful for those who were affected by this tragedy. They should face the situation and state what they think would be the best solution to this issue. When they address the public they are not only representing themselves but the population of this country who bare arms.

  • No, I believe the NRA needs to speak up and fight for gun rights.

    Now more than ever the NRA needs to make themselves known. President Obama is going to use Sandy Hook as a reason for gun control, using a mentally ill person's decision to kill innocent children as a reason to take away guns from everyone. Sandy Hook, although a tragedy, does not represent even 1/4 of the population of those who own or use guns. This is why the members of the NRA must step in and fight for responsible gun owners.

  • No

    They seem to have done this out of respect for the parents of the children but fact of the matter is if this was not a gun free zone he could have been stopped. I'm not saying arm every teacher with a gun but if they feel the need and are trained let them carry! Force higher staff members like principles and assistant principles to carry! Make them get training! They are the only ones who could have stopped this.

  • The NRA Should Change Its Stance on Gun Control

    The NRA has always been a fierce anti-gun control advocate, maybe now, in wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School, the group should change its stance. The NRA has never had a solid argument behind their adamant stance that all firearms should be available to anyone that wants one. Assault weapons should by no means be available to the American public. The NRA should adopt that policy. The likelihood of such a drastic policy change is, of course, very low, but that does not change any facts. Assault weapons, military grade firearms, have no place in the hands of someone who is not suited as an active duty American military-man or woman.

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