• Yes, the NSA should be allowed to give your phone records to the DEA.

    I think that the NSA should be allowed to give a person's phone records to the DEA. I do not see any reason that they shouldn't be able to. I think that if a person is suspected of illegal activity, then the NSA should be able to give info to the DEA

  • The NSA should be allowed to provide phone records to the DEA as long as the reason for doing so is not frivolous.

    The NSA should be able to provide phone records to the DEA as long as it is not doing so frivolously or for the purpose of a "witch hunt." If the NSA happens on legitimate illegal drug activity and there is already an active investigation on the part of the DEA, however, then there is no reason that it should not be able to forward appropriate information to the DEA.

  • It is tyranny.

    No, the NSA should not be allowed to give your phone records to the DEA, because the NSA shouldn't be collecting your phone records either. Just because the government has the technology to spy on its own citizens doesn't mean that it should do so. The NSA and the DEA should leave us alone.

  • No, not unless someone is a proven terrorist.

    Unless there are strong indications from a person's phone records that I am engaging in activities that could be deemed connected to terrorism, there should be no link between the NSA and the DEA with regard to the personal phone records of its citizens because that is a blatant invasion of privacy.

  • It really depends

    I don't think the NSA should be giving anyone any information unless it is called for. If someone did something really horrible and they get a warrant to look into their stuff then it is understandable. However, if they are just giving phone records away like nothing than that is just uncalled for and an invasion of privacy.

  • This Is Why The NSA Shouldn't Exist

    I do not believe the NSA should be allowed to give phone records to the DEA. I believe that the NSA should destroy all of the information they have collected and shut their doors. I believe the policies of the NSA are far too overbearing and I feel that they breach a right to privacy.

  • Of course not

    Not without the DEA obtaining a warrant from a judge, at least. It was recently revealed that the NSA is essentially feeding data to the DEA so that it can target and arrest citizens for drug-related crimes. This process works in direct opposition to the way our criminal justice system is SUPPOSED to operate. If the DEA has evidence that someone has committed a crime, then they may obtain a warrant and approach the NSA to ask for further information on that individual. Instead, however, the DEA has been going off of leads supplied by the NSA, and lying to judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys about where this information is coming from during trials. This is absolutely disgusting, and I have no idea how they have gotten away with this for as long as they have. ABOLISH THE CORRUPT DEA.

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