Should the NSA be allowed to spy on other countries?

Asked by: Dunlj
  • Only on Non-Allies

    The NSA should be allowed to spy on other countries, just not the allies of America. North Korea, Iran, China, Russia, and the like should be spied on as much as humanly possible if the NSA is capable of doing so. They don't need to spy on normal Americans, but on combative countries and rogue nations, go all out.

  • The NSA should be allowed to spy on other countries.

    The NSA should be allowed to spy on other countries. They already push the boundaries here in the United States so why do we care if they are spying on other countries. At least if they are spying on other countries they could find out what they are up to and maybe leave the US citizens alone for awhile.

  • No, it creates conflict

    While I fully support us knowing what other countries are up to so we can defend and protect ourselves from possible attacks, I do not feel it's ethical or right to secretly spy on other nations without their knowledge. This creates a lot of tension between the two countries. If the United States found another country spying on them, they would consider it an act of war. I think we should mind our own business and not spy on other countries since we would not want them spying on us.

  • No, They Should Not

    I do not believe the NSA should be allowed to spy on other countries. As an American citizen, I feel it is unnecessary for our government to spy on others or it's citizens. Privacy is an important right that should be recognized for people and governments. I believe countries should rise up, as well as American citizens to combat the problem with spying.

  • NSA Shouldn't Spy on Other Countries

    For various reasons, the National Security Agency shouldn't be allowed to spy on other countries. While the agency might do so in the name of national security, it shouldn't spy on other countries - friend or foe. The agency shouldn't, however, spy on its own people in illegal ways either.

  • The NSA should not be

    The NSA should not be allowed to spy on other countries as we would not foreign intelligence agencies spying on us. How hypocritical we are to say we should but not others. Let's cut the crap and actually live up to the ideals we espouse and stop all this spying.

  • No, it is too much intrusion.

    No, the NSA should not be allowed to spy on other countries, because the NSA is destroying the trust that other countries have in the United States. Other nations are coming to see the United States, and the NSA spying program as bullies. They even spied on the phone calls of German leaders. Germany is a big ally of ours and this is unacceptable.

  • The NSA was

    Established to protect the interest of The United States of America and her people; in recent years these threats are mostly in the form of terrorist attacks. Because of this, the NSA has been spying on Americans, and they have been using many questionable means (like phone tapping) to to so. It might indeed be tempting to argue that if someone outside of the geographical boundaries of the USA (such as an extremist government) threatens her interest, then perhaps the should be spy on them too.

    Whilst it is important to safeguard the USA's interest - they are a major military, political and economic superpower and a terrorist attack on their American soil will be deeply destabilising for the world - we should do so with caution, and definitely not at all cost. Spying on other nations will infringe on their fundamental right: their sovereignty. Aware that America is secretly watching their every move, other countries might be cautious in the way they engage the USA; this could affect the diplomatic relations with key allies, and damage the USA's status in the global community.

    Perhaps another possible concern would be the challenge in finding an effective way to regulate spying. A line needs to be drawn to ensure that the NSA only spies on countries that pose genuine and imminent threat to national security. There needs to be a clearly defined and largely acceptable way to ensure that this power endowed to them is not abused. The recent NSA phone tapping scandals have clearly illustrated that most of the American public not agreeable with the way that the NSA uses its power domestically; how then can the USA ensure that they will be able to regulate it globally.

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