Should the NSA do more to disrupt Chinese television and CCTV News?

  • Yes, the NSA should do what they can to disrupt the Chinese television and CCTV.

    Yes, the NSA should do more to disrupt Chinese television and CCTV. Media has a very strong influence over people and there believes. So when the media is extremely bias and really limits the freedom of understanding to its viewers, someone needs to step in and make sure the truth is out there. NSA stands for National Security Agency, and I feel that for security reasons pertaining to the United States that such a strong world power, such as China, should not shelter and brainwash their people. This can be especially bad when that other world power is not an ally with you. Its better to be preemptive versus just stand there and wait for things to unfold.

  • They certainly should

    I think that the NSA should try to disrupt Chinese Television and CCTV news. Here in the United States we do not want channels that are in foreign languages, and the patriots of this country want things how they used to be. They want things to be symbols of America.

  • No, the NSA should not widen its operations.

    No, the NSA should not increase its efforts to disrupt television in China or CCTV news. As the past months have shown, the NSA has already gone well beyond the bounds of decency, both with respect to the privacy of American citizens and the dignity of people in other countries. For President Obama to live up to his promise of transparency, he should rein in the efforts of the NSA.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the NSA should do more to disrupt Chinese television and CCTV news. Assuming they should is ridiculous given that most Americans are against the actions of the NSA anyway. Furthermore, China could see those actions and attempt to fight back and potential attack the United States.

  • No they should not.

    Unless there is something I do not understand or know than I do not find it a good idea to interrupt another countries television. I think the NSA should probably back off and be more friendly towards China rather than starting a conflict with them over something so small and not very meaningful.

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