Should the NSA end its collection of Americans' phone records?

  • What are they really using it for?

    Does anybody really buy that they are using this gigantic glob of data to stop terrorism? Why didn't they stop the Boston bombers? The giant glob of data is unwieldy. Trying to stop terrorism or anything using it is like finding a needle in a haystack.

    Snowden revealed the NSA engaged in industrial espionage against Germany. They spied to get INDUSTRIAL SECRETS not for national security! That tells you something about the NSA's true motivations.

    What might the meta-data be used for? I'm sure a company or an individual playing the stock market who got their hands on that data would be very happy to have it. It's a much more reasonable presumption than to assume this is all for our national security.

  • Yes it should.

    I think that the NSA should end its collection of Americans' phone records. I think the NSA needs to be radically restructured. The costs are greatly outweighing the benefits of what these people do. They are spying on innocent citizens and it needs to be stopped. They are out of control!

  • Yes, there is no need.

    Yes, the NSA should end its collection of Americans' phone records, because it has no general need for them. In order to get a search warrant, the government needs to have a specific concern about a specific person, and that concern needs to be articulated and approved by a judge. General data mining is not constitutional.

  • Privacy is a right

    The NSA has no right to be spying on its own citizens, and so far none of this covert spying has done anything to prevent crime or acts of terror. Right now, this is a gross invasion of privacy and goes against everything it means to be America. What's next, a police state?

  • The NSA should step back.

    I admire the goal that the NSA is pursuing but I believe that they should find a better way to do it. Data shows that the NSAs techniques have not been effective in fighting against terrorists or any other threats, so it is instead just intrusive. They should cut it out.

  • Stop Spying On Us

    I believe that the NSA should end its collection of Americans phone records. I have no criminal history and there is no reason for my privacy to be breached, by the government or any other body. I feel as though my rights have been impeded on for no good reason.

  • The NSA shound not end its collection of Americans' phone records.

    If it is necessary to prevent future acts of terrorism, the NSA should continue to collect phone records. The most important thing is to keep America safe. If it is necessary to lose a small amount of privacy, that is a small price for being able to live in safety.

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