Should the NSA record members of Congress when meeting with Israeli Leaders?

  • Yes, the NSA should record members of Congress when they meet with Israeli Leaders.

    In my opinion, the NSA should definitely record members of Congress when they meet with Israeli Leaders -- but not just Israeli Leaders. The NSA should record members of Congress in any meeting that they have to better improve governmental transparency. Congress members would likely be a lot more honest if they knew that everything they said in meetings was recorded and could be referenced later.

  • Government Transparency with Citizens

    It is important to our government format that citizens understand completely what is happening with the government. If American Leaders are meeting with Israeli Leaders and discussing things that may affect the citizen population then the citizens should be fully disclosed on it. How else will citizens know how they want to put their votes in?

  • No More Privacy For Anyone

    Hearing that the government records and spies on people within their personal lives, I would declare it not only fair but necessary that they listen among the individuals who have more of an impact than we do, however, the race and ethnicity of the leader is not what I am concerned with, it should be done with all leaders we meet with.

  • No, I do not think the NSA should record meetings with Israeli Leaders

    No, I believe it would be pointless for the NSA to record members of congress meeting with Israeli leaders. Even with the United State's volatile history with Israel, recording these meetings will not give NSA any advantage. These recordings would just be a waste of NSA's resources. The United States has already promised not to monitor communications with government officials. Israel will eventually find out about these recordings and it will cause them to lose trust in our government.

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