Should the NSA retain their mass surveillance powers?

  • Yes, the NSA should retain their powers.

    While things have been changing recently, and President Obama now wants only people who need to be monitored to be, I personally am not offended that I've been (possibly) being watched by the NSA. If their surveillance is really working, it's a small sacrifice to pay for knowing we can be safer against terrorism threats. We're already highly monitored by websites for advertising purposes, which I personally find more invasive than the government trying to keep me safe.

  • Yes, if they can justify their actions.

    The National Security Agency probably has a lot to answer for. And I do think that they should give some concrete examples of when and how their mass surveillance stopped major crimes or terrorism against America. And if they can do that, then I think that we ought to let them go on collecting this information.

  • No they shouldn't.

    I think that the NSA either needs to be dissolved completely or revamped entirely. They have almost unlimited power and are doing whatever they want. Most Americans do not approve of what they do, but it feels like those in power are not listening. This is going to cause many problems for American society.

  • Dismantle the program

    The NSA has no right to spy on its citizens. The government is violating the privacy rights of every American citizen, and they have been hiding it, too. They can continue to backtrack and make excuses, but ever since the program started, mass shootings and events like the Boston Marathon bombing still occurred. Whole lot of good that violation of privacy did us.

  • The NSA should not retain their mass surveillance powers.

    The NSA should not retain their mass surveillance powers. We are giving them too much control into our lives for no real reason. I think that they should only be allowed to survey us if they feel that there is a strong need to do so. Otherwise, I think there should be restrictions on the issue.

  • No, They Should Not

    I believe as an American citizen I should have some form of rights to privacy. Honestly, I think we all do, rather it be a person, a business, or another country. I believe the NSA should be disassembled and I believe our government should concentrate less on trying to stop terrorist attacks in this manner.

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