• Israel should be in the loop.

    There are several countries in the world with which we share intelligence data, I believe it's called "the special relationship" -- the working relationship of the intelligence community with those in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. As a close ally and dependent of the United States, we should probably extend this "special relationship" to our friends in Israel as well.

  • The NSA share should its intelligence data with Israel.

    The NSA should share its intelligence data with Israel when it is important to do so. The United States and Israel are important allies in the Middle East, and they should share information when it can be used to thwart terrorists. They should collaborate whenever it is possible and reasonable to do so.

  • NSA should keep intelligence to them selves

    I don't think that NSA should share its intelligence data with Israel simply because Israel is different country with different kind of politics. Not to mention Israel is a nation with lots of other allies then united state. We need to make sure first which side is Israel is taking on the battle grounds.

  • The NSA Should Be Disbanned

    I believe the NSA is another example of government waste that does not benefit the American populace. I do not believe the NSA should share it's information with any other government because I believe the NSA should be shut down and disbanned. Americans didn't ask for an agency to spy on us and the world and we don't want one.

  • If it supports imperialism

    The United States owes nothing to Israel, so it is not clear why the U.S. is so actively supporting it, other than to advance their own imperialist conquest into Middle Eastern territories. The best thing to do would be to cut Israel off as an ally and warn them to stop intruding, and hopefully they will follow through.

  • The NSA should not share its intelligence information data with Israel.

    The NSA should not share its intelligence information data with Israel. Any information that we give to Israel will only hurt us in the long run. We should be keeping this information to ourselves and using it only when it benefits us. We should not be spying on everyone and should not be collecting data from everyone.

  • Stop Supporting Israel and Take Care of USA First

    The NSA is an American institution. Even though I don't agree with everything the NSA does, it has no right to share its own intelligence with Israel unless the Israelis are under imminent attack. The Israelis have their own network of spies who infiltrate enemy territory all the time to gather information, so they don't have to rely on the NSA whatsoever.

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