• They don't actually spy on us.

    The NSA only "spy" to protect us from another 9-11. It would be only our fault if a dirty bomb blows up America. Plus they can't even keep our phone numbers here is no way on Earth that the NSA would be spying on us. I am an 11 year old and I already have enough knowledge to know they ARE NOT WATCHING US.

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  • Nsa in violation of human rights!

    The NSA has no right to spy on the world, because the NSA is not god, What gives them the right to spy on people? Privacy is a human right!
    And to violate that, Is a crime against humanity.
    The NSA should be taken to a international court and the people responsible for spying on and violating the worlds rights should be put in jail for the rest of there life! With no chance of parole.

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