Should the NYPD Officer who physically chocked an unarmed man be free?

Asked by: Albertico_w2
  • A grand jury didn't indict him after more than a 4 month investigation.

    The 400 pound asthmatic man with heart conditions was in a chokehold for less than 10 seconds, and died later at a hospital.

    The officer had no way of knowing the extenuating circumstances, didn't mean to cause such harm, and acted in a way he thought best to protect fellow officers and surrounded property while wrestling a resisting man three times his size.

    Using this case as an example, if an officer's shouting causes a heart attack is it homicide?

    If a tazer fries a pacemaker?
    If someone has seizures from flashing lights?

    This list goes on and on.

    This case isn't a question of if the officer went too far, it's if he's being indicted for murder. He had neither the motivation, actions, nor intention of killing this man, and it took a grand jury less than a day to come to that conclusion.

    While a tragedy, and should DEFINITELY shine a light on New York's training cadets on take-down maneuvers, it's no murder.

  • America as a whole on race

    Ok everyone forget your opinions and listen to me. This officer I agree did react the wrong way to this citizen BUT race has nothing to do with it the fact THAT THESE THREE MAN WHO WHERE BLACK AND WHERE KILLED BY WHITE OFFICERS IS SAD BUT MERE COINCIDENCE. If anyone who is black is reading this: remember Martin Luther King Jr. Remember what he stood for and that he was peaceful remember what ultimately he died for if he was around today he would be very disappointed in us blacks in how we went about things like this

  • Does not Violate Personal Rights

    On the news today they explained that the man in the video was possibly in possession of illegal substances. Therefore, the officer had every right to arrest the man. The man in possession of the drugs also looked as though he was not complying with the officers order. I think it is not a racist remark to African- Americans (who I am friends with) but a matter of keeping illegal drugs off the streets and out the hands of people who do not need them.

  • He wasn't choking that bad.

    The man had health problems that led to his death, and on top of everything if you are being choked to a great extent you can't breathe, period. If he had enough air going through his system to state he couldn't breathe, he could breathe, and if you don't believe me have your friend choke you out to the fullest of his/her extent and then see if you can speak. The officer did nothing wrong and was just doing what he was taught.

  • You've got to be kidding me.

    Now I totally agree with the verdict for Officer Darren Brown but this, hell no. It's clear to see that this UNARMED black male was killed by an officer of the NYPD, now on top of that, the victim stated 11x's that he couldn't breathe. Now this is something that people should get upset for.

  • Choking is way too overboard

    The police officer reacted way too violently. According to the video, the man was rather obese, and there were already a few officers surrounding him. He was unarmed and was about to be apprehended for a nonviolent crime. He wasn't threatening anyone; at one point he even raised both his hands up in a "surrender" gesture.

    The victim had repeatedly stated that he couldn't breathe, which the policeman blatantly ignored.

    To choke him so much to the point that he died is definitely not acceptable. Besides, choking was already banned (please correct me if I'm wrong).

    There is nothing to justify such violent action, as the man didn't do anything violent.

  • The cops these days have become racist.

    If you look at the picture carefully you can see that the man they chocked to death is a black man. This is just what I see but all over the news cop are killing black men instead of putting them in prison. Cops are becoming racist, I don't know why but they think they're better than any black person i the whole U.S.A. If those cops are let out that tells you the court justice or anyone who agreed to let them go, are fine with abusing a different race. I thought the civil war was supposed to tell us that segregation laws are gone, and that we're all the same. But in the world now, I think segregation is back. These cops murdered a man. They broke the law they go to prison and that's that

  • Nothing About This Is Good

    Garner wasn't charged for selling illegal drugs; it was untaxed cigarettes. Even if it were for drug possession, that is NOT a crime that allows a death penalty as punishment. The chokehold he placed him in was illegal, and as he had other officers to assist him, UNNECESSARY! The only person that got arrested from this exchange was the person that filmed it.

  • I think he should be charged.

    In the video the news showed, the NYPD had the man in a chokehold when there was enough support to hold the man down. Also, police officers aren't allowed to use the chokehold method in NY. I think the officer could have used a different method of restraint to hold the man instead of using a chokehold, and I don't think it was necessary to use a chokehold in a situation where a police officer is arresting the man for selling cigarettes.

  • Laws should apply to everyone.

    The video clearly showed that the man was not being violent and there was no need for the cops to put him in an illegal choke hold. If this was anyone else in the United States it would be classified as assault resulting in manslaughter if not full-fledged homicide. The coroner even classified it as a homicide. Once he was passed out no one cared to make sure he was ok and the EMT's present were even reprimanded for not acting. Cops have a responsibility to protect citizens, ALL citizens. This was not protecting anyone. They should be held to the same standards as regular citizens if not higher standards. Allowing irresponsible behavior like this to continue unpunished will lead to us being governed by martial law.

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