Should the Obama administration be called the Obama regime?

Asked by: Dunlj
  • I don't see why not

    A regime is simply the ruling establishment of a nation. The Obama administration deserves to be called a "regime" just as much as the Clinton administration, the Bush administration, the Trump administration, and all others before this time. What you can't rationally do is call any of these administrations fascist Nazis.

  • Sure why not

    You can call it whatever you want noone cares the presidents are not the ones behind the strings though for example Obama had never supported gay marriage but he had no choice but to support it later on his carreer because presidents don't have the power people think they do the true curruption is caused by private share holders in our currency system which started in 1920 with the federal reserve being created.

  • This is just petty

    Questions like this existing illustrate why the years under Obama have been so full of disappointment. Has he personally been great? No, he hasn't, but how could he be when this kind of nonsense is going on? People are so desperately trying to cling on to him being some authoritarian secret Muslim that nothing gets done in Washington because people are done listening to conversations the moment they begin. This isn't helping anything or anybody.

  • The Obama administration should not be called the Obama regime

    The Obama administration should not be called the Obama regime. This is because of the fact that "The Obama administration" is a perfectly good title for his administration. Although "regime" does fit in a way, "administration", has been used and should not be replaced as it will confuse and upset Americans too much.

  • Only if we can call Bush Hitler the Second.

    Just as the Bush II supporters rolled their eyes when liberals called his administration a regime, so shall I now. The world did not end when Bush was in office, and it will not end now that a president you don't care for is in the White House. But honestly, I'm not sure we should refer to an administration that brought us affordable health care as something negative.

  • Obama Administration Not a Regime

    The Obama Administration isn't a regime by any means and shouldn't be called one. With that in mind, Obama has done many things that don't seem in the interests of the U.S., but people have not put up enough opposition to stop him. He's by no means a regime leader, though.

  • No, the Obama administration should not be called the Obama regime.

    No, the Obama administration should not be called the Obama regime. The word regime in modern usage means an authoritarian government or dictatorship. Obama is not a dictator nor does he run a government that is against individual freedom. If anything he has tried to increase individual freedom with his stance on gay equality.

  • Obama Administration Should Not be Labeled Regime

    No, the Obama Administration should not be called the Obama Regime as "regime" is a loaded word designed to evoke hostility towards a particular government. In addition, it is generally reserved for governments that have committed gross human rights violations, and the Obama Administration is not guilty of committing such.

  • Obama is good

    Obama is the best thing that has ever happened to America. People should just open up their eyes and see how god has shined through him. Everybody was set to be on this earth for a reason. His reason is to put America back on track and personally I think he has done that.

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