Should the Obama administration give employers more time to comply with the Affordable Care Act?

  • The ACA is a disaster so more time is needed.

    The Affordable Care Act is a complete disaster and adds even more burden of knowledge to already stretched businesses. The sheer amount of government bureaucracy that has to be dealt with these days is mind boggling, and this idiocy adds even more onto that. More time is absolutely needed since the burden of knowledge is all on the employers.

  • More Time for Obamacare

    Without a doubt, employers should be given more time to comply with the edicts of the Affordable Care Act. The fact of the matter is that Obama is trying to implement these policies too quickly, and most employers are not prepared for the changes. There needs to be more time.

  • They had plenty of time.

    Nope. The Affordable Care Act gave employers four years to devise its planning and comply with its mandates. If employers waited until the last minute in the hopes that they wouldn't have to comply, then they can pay the penalties for procrastinating. And maybe rethink being in business while they're at it.

  • No it has been a long time coming

    First of all I am opposed to the Affordable Care Act. However since it is being a part of the system now I don't think more time should be given to employees. It is not like the act came out of thin air. It has been coming for about two years now and everyone knew when it would be here. More time should not be needed.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    I think that the Obama Administration has already given employers plenty of time to comply with the Affordable Care act. They have known for a couple years now when the deadline would be. People need to start getting their insurance and getting insurance that is good for them. The employers should strive to provide the best health care for their employees.

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