Should the Obama administration stand up to Vladimir Putin?

  • YES. Have you seen what went on in the thirties?

    Taking (parts) of countries without whiplash is exactly what happened in the second world war. While I don't think (yet) that Vladimir Putin is as bad as Hitler, astute history students will remember Chamberlain's declarations... And how much it cost everyone; from France to Belgium and so on, it cost thousands of lives, American and otherwise.

  • Yes, the Obama administration should stand up to Putin.

    Yes, the Obama adminstration should stand up to Vladimir Putin. I do not think that a country like Russia should be allowed to just invade a country like the Ukraine and face no consequences for it. There has to be some kind of punishment for breaking such an international law.

  • Yes, by letting him know we disagree.

    While the United States and the Obama administration do not have the right to go in and change anything within another country, we can let them know by our actions and words that we do not agree with certain activities, such as the jailing of those who are not hiding their homosexuality.

  • The Obama administration has stood up to Vladimir Putin.

    The Obama administration has already voiced very harsh opinions regarding Russia's anti-gay laws in regard to the Sochi Winter Olympics. In that regard, the Obama administration has already stood up to Vladimir Putin. It is important, however that the United States choose its battles wisely. Russia is in a geographical location that could make it a valuable ally in several conflict situations with other nations.

  • Yes, but it won't do much.

    The United States Government should stand up to Vladimir Putin, even though it will not stop anything the Russian Government does and will do in the future. Standing up to Putin will show that the US does not support the constant human rights violations that go on in Russia, as well as the corruption. The United States needs to distance themselves from Putin at this point and time.

  • Not getting involved

    I do not think we should be involved in this, it could be dangerous. My deciding factor is 50/50, I am not saying no and yes. I already know some people would have a hard time deciding yes or no in this situation. We are not losing hope, are we?

  • Vladamir Putin is a valuable ally.

    Russia and Putin are valuable American allies. The international forum is just a stage for the whole world to see and leaders of countries are actors. Most leaders know they are actors, some do not. Putin and Obama know they are actors. The US had to look tough against the Syrian chemical threat because of Iraq. If we showed any less concern for Syria than we did with Iraq, the smokescreen of that whole conflict melts away. Putin still runs a country that maintains discontent towards the US. America does not really want to go into Syria. We make the threat anyhow, ask Putin to veto it, and everyone comes out of the ordeal looking tough (except Syria) It appears as if a peaceful standoff has been created between the US and Russia. China jumps in to look tough also. Now the rest of the world is free to act if they want to, but it would be ill advised.

  • No Reason To Stand Up

    I do not believe the Obama administration should stand up to Vladimir Putin. Putin has made reasonable decisions and there is no reason for the Obama administration to stand up to him. Just because they oppose on view points is no reason to cause a problem. I believe Putin is a good leader with sound ideas, just because they aren't in-line with the Obama administration shouldn't be a huge problem.

  • No, the Obama Administration has nothing to gain by standing up to Vladimir Putin

    The Obama administration has more to gain in a favorable and friendly relationship with Vladimir Putin, whose spokesperson expressed that he hoped Obama's re-election would have a "positive" impact on relations between Russia and the U.S. In spite of previous conflicting views over issues such as human rights, defense, and Syria, I believe that good relations between the two countries will go a long way toward mutually solving international problems and negotiating world peace in the future.

  • Why Should They?

    What would the Obama Administration stand to gain by standing up to Vladimir Putin? What would it even mean to "stand up" to him? There is no reason to be hostile. We have a chance to improve relations between the United States and Russia and we should take advantage of that opportunity.

  • No, They Should Not

    The Cold War has long ago fizzled and a been forgotten. There is no reason for the United States of America or the Obama administration to stand up to Vladimir Putin. What could we hope to accomplish by doing so? The world requires superpowers to work together, and Russia could be a great partner to the USA.

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