Should the Obama campaign have replaced Biden with Hillary Clinton?

  • Yes, she is more popular.

    Yes, the Obama campaign should have replaced Biden with Hillary Clinton, because Hillary Clinton is smarter. As terrible as Hillary Clinton is, she is still better at running an economy than Biden would be. Biden is a career politician and a socialist. Clinton at least understands how to keep an economy moving. She would have been a better choice.

  • Hillary Clinton would have been more of an asset to Obama than Biden.

    Although Barack Obama was still able to win re-election with Joe Biden, replacing him with Hillary Clinton would most likely have been a benefit to not only his campaign, but also his presidency. Hillary enjoys more popularity than Biden and is widely considered to be more competent. Not only would this have aided his re-election, it would have given him a vice-president in his second term with enough authority and credibility to act on his behalf when negotiating with Congress or foreign leaders.

  • Hillary Would Have Been More Active

    I believe it would have been better for the Obama campaign to have placed Hillary Clinton in the Vice Presidency, rather than staying with Joe Biden. I do not believe Joe Biden has done anything wrong, I would personally rather see someone be a bit more active in that role however and I think Hillary Clinton would have been far more active.

  • Hillary would have been a great running mate.

    Hillary should have replaced Biden. Hillary has a very large and strong following. She would have brought in voters on her own. Also, she has a lot of experience, both in general with politics, and with the White House. She would likely have been a good asset to the Obama campaign.

  • The Obama campaign should not have replaced Biden with Hillary Clinton.

    The Obama campaign should not have replaced Biden with Hillary Clinton. She has her seat at the table already and doing very well in the position that she holds. I think if she keeps it up and runs for President then she will get it. I think for now she is doing her job.

  • That would have been a stupid idea.

    While I have no doubt that Hillary Clinton will be the first female president in 2016, replacing her as Obama's vice presidential candidate would have been a fatal flaw that would have cost him the election. Obama - Biden was a winning combination in 2008, and there's no reason at all they should have changed that formula.

  • The Obama campaign should not have replaced Biden with Hillary Clinton.

    Biden is a good vice-president with a lot of foreign policy experience. Clinton is probably going to run for the presidency in 2016, and she wanted to take time off to prepare for her campaign. She didn't want to stay on as Secretary of State. Clinton wasn't available for the job, and Biden was doing well anyway.

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