• Colonize wherever we can

    I support colonization of the oceans, antarctica, the mantle and the core, planets, asteroids, deep space, the sun, anywhere we can. We do need to leave large parts of the oceans as national parks so that our habitats do not harm marine life. Float in the deep open ocean instead of near the shores where coral reefs and other biodiverse areas could be negatively impacted. Floating colonies should enrich the marine snow and boost the underwater ecosystem too

  • Safety is important

    It´s much more safer than living on land, for one the natural disasters are much worse on land than in water, and its warm up here. The ocean is a pretty landscape. Now, don´t get me wrong, you might be more like to drown, but would you rather have your head cut of with a stop sign because of a tornado or have a chance to swim to safety. Your choice.

  • Because we can

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  • Because we can

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  • Because we can

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  • Humans are guardians of the earth

    Humans should master the earth and turn whatever they can into use. Before colonizing space, humans should focus at colonizing the oceans, Antarctica, and turning the deserts green. Once humans master the earth and its properties, then maybe humans can move to the final frontier and master the whole universe. It might not happen during my lifetime, but I would sure be happy to know that human beings are constantly getting better and evolving, rather than going back to the jungles.

  • Sure, why not?

    We may be running low on room on land (although we could fit the entire world's population in half of Belgium), but the ocean has a ton of resources and such that we could use to survive there. Now, I do believe that some places should be left alone, or most actually, but others, mostly ones lacking any real wildlife, should totally be used. We own the world, so the world should be used, yet respected.

  • We've inhabited it for short periods, and over-population is a debate in it of itself, so sure!

    The idea that the world is, or will soon be overpopulated is a long, hard debate in it of itself, therefore a great way to settle the debate would be to colonize other areas of the Earth. One of the basic necessities that any civilization needs is water for food, bathing, and so on, and what better place than being in the ocean? You would have access to (for all intents and purposes) unlimited water, your oxygen and power supplies are given by breaking up the water into H and O2, food can be hydroponically grown.

    Minus the possibility of a catastrophic failure of whatever is holding back the water (which hugely redundant systems, with floodgates should handle quite well), it's quite ideal.

  • The Ocean should be colonized

    If the ocean were colonized, overpopulation would not have as big of an affect. We have only colonized about 29% of the world. This means we could have about 3x the amount of hosipiable areas. The only problems are about polution. The ocean is already nasty. We should be cautious putting this plan into action.

  • Why is this considered?

    I personally think whoever brought up the idea of colonizing oceans was a idiot. We were never meant for oceans and should leave it the way it is. Why should we even bother to disturb sea creatures. I think that we should focus on space colonization because it is a more hazardous place and has more benefits than the oceans. But even before doing that we should fix the damage we already caused by pollution.

  • This idea is disgusting.

    I have only now ever heard of colonizing the oceans, but I simply cannot believe it is even considered, if it is. I am by no means an expert on seas and oceans or human colonies, but I can say for certain it would NOT be healthy for the waters. Obviously, a colony on the ocean would severly damage whatever area it would be placed in, taking away even more of the little healthy water we still have. I am as much against it as a human being can be.

  • Floating houses! Only side effects are leaking sewage, garbage, and dangerous waste, even with precautions

    Every house in the world produces garbage: and they sometimes leaks, or gets spilled. Now, we all know that there is a garbage island in the ocean the size of BC. So this means that these houses will be supporting this ecological disaster. These issues are hard to resolve: even a completely "clean" houses are prone to leaks, and failures.

  • It's definitely wrong

    Colonizing the oceans is an idiot principle. It isn't in its very existence would benefit mankind in the long run. When the world's ocean be subject to human occupation, a lot of the resources we think are plentiful would just actually be brought to the brink of collapse and extinction. Colonizing the high seas is not the answer to the rising needs of the global population and it should not be directly subjected to the evil deeds of man.

  • Ocean colonization is bad!

    Imagine going to the beach. You think it is going to be an awesome day. You arrive only to find plastic bottles littering the shore and oil floating in the water. When you try to look out at the sunset, all you can see are floating cities. That is what will happen if oceans are colonized. No more relaxing days at the beach. Anyways, the cost would be expensive. It would probably be one million per year at the least. Not to mention hidden costs like if you get water in your house from a big wave, maybe if your electricity goes out and your stuck, or even if you run out of fuel and a hurricane is coming! Humans bring problems wherever they go. Do you really want to bring it to the ocean and all of the poor creatures that already live there.😃

  • No need for ocean colonization...

    The ocean is home to a lot of our natural ressources and placing a floating city on a body of water will eliminate a huge portion of our ressources. Also, our water supply would be greatly diminished.
    Isnt living on a floating island on top of the water already what we're doing?

  • Downright wrong and stupid

    This idea sucks so bad I am going to puke. We do not need to destroy our Oceans as well as the land. Once we humans have figured out how not to destroy everything in their paths then we can think about colonising the Ocean. Also, we need more trees.

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