Should The Officer That Kept A Knife Found at O.J.'s Home Be Indicted?

  • The Officer Should be Indicted

    Keeping a weapon found at the home of an accused killer is evidence tampering and could have greatly affected the outcome of the trial. The officer has committed a crime and may be responsible for a man getting away with murder. He should absolutely be held accountable for his actions through an indictment.

  • The officer that kept a knife sound at O.J.'s home should be indicted

    The police officer that kept a knife found that OJ Simpson's home should be indicted. Such a willful hiding of such important potential evidence could have brought justice to bear in this case. Of course, double jeopardy precludes Simpson from being retried. However, it is important to know that this case could potentially be closed once and for all.

  • The Officer that kept a knife found at O.J.'s home should be indicted.

    The Officer that kept a knife found at O.J.'s home should be indicted. Anyone who had found the knife should have handed it over, besides he was a police officer and was well aware of what he was doing. If indeed it is a true fact, the officer who did find it and hid it for so many years has committed a serious error, both as a police officer and a person by hiding evidence which could have proved vital for the case.

  • The knife discovery at O.J.'s home could be merely a stunt, and there are no grounds to indict the officer

    The discovery of a forgotten knife by a policeman at or near O.J.'s home could or could not be valid. It was initially thought to be new evidence in the the case of O.J. Some DNA tests have been carried out, but no findings have been reported. This case has been over for some time. The knife could not be used as evidence, and the attention being brought on the knife seems ridiculous.. Could it be a stunt to draw attention to the tv program about O.J.? Interesting timing indeed.

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