• The Homes that people live in

    Countries build something that costs millions of dollars and most of the time they only use them once. And if anyone had to be relocated it would be sort of pointless. You’re basically saying, hey we are going to destroy your home. And what if that home has been there for generations.

  • Expensive when you can use the money for something useful

    The Olympic games are very expensive and the prices keep rising higher. For example, Brazil spent billions to host the Olympic games. Instead, they could've used that money to build houses and give clean water to people. "We are in a moment in the world where we need to be reasonable with the way we spend money," said Fernando Meirelles, the film director who choreographed the opening ceremonies. "When 40% of the home in Brazil have no sanitation, you can't really be spending (billions) for a show."

  • They should because countries pay to much money on the Olympics

    They should because countries pay to much money on the Olympics and some places have virises that could hurt the whole world because the whole world is going there to compete. That is why the olympics should not be moving around a lot all over the world so ya. Hi

  • Olympics shouldn’t stay in one place because

    Even if countries can’t afford to hold the Olympics, then don’t. If your country isn’t wealthy enough for hosting the Olympics, nobody is pressuring you to auction off your country for the Olympics. Also If the Olympics are supposed to be where all the countries come together then why don’t other countries help pay for some of it.

  • Should the Olympic games have a permanent home?

    From point view I consider the Olympic games event are just as the World Cup event, so every country has the right to apply or to look forward to held this kind of sports event which is possible for some countries that have the abilities to organise this big event.

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