• This is a bit like the 1936 Olympics...

    Hitler was discriminating against people in 1936 and we appeared to turn a blind eye then. We cannot allow that same mistake to happen for a second time. Gays are being thrown in prison for their sexuality. It's like stating that all blue eyed people are not natural because the majority of people have brown eyes. Ridiculous and this completely undermines everything the Olympics stands for! Putin should get his act together or stay out of the Olympics.

  • They have explicitly stated that they are not going to comply with the Charter.

    The Olympic Charter requires that all athletes be treated equally and their safety provided for. The Russian Sports Minister basically said that they will ignore this- that gay Olympians "may or may not be" safe in the Olympic Village in Sochi, and that they can and will be arrested if they violate the anti-gay laws. Since these laws are so vague that you can be jailed just for stating you are gay in public, holding a partner's hand, and the like- there will sure to be outrageous violations of the athletes' rights.

  • Don't remain silent

    This is a good versus evil situation. If we don't act we are giving silent approval to Putin's bigotry. A despot such as Putin will be emboldened by a lack of action by the Olympic Comittee and will test the world again and again to see how far he can go. Hitler did it in 1936 and Putin will do it in 2014.

  • Russia is anti-gay

    Russia has outlawed the LGBTQA* community and these people are being jailed. Who's to say these people from our country who are our Olympic athletes will also be arrested? Boycott the 2016 Olympics and petition American sponsors to removed themselves from the affiliation of them. It's ridiculous what the Russian government and Putin have done.

  • We can not let discrimination run freely in our current society.

    In the past, we have experienced many counts of discrimination. Racism and sexism being one of the most recognized throughout the world. Blacks were discriminated for being colored in the early days of America, Jews were extremely discriminated against during World War II and many other groups have also suffered. Women were not allowed to vote in many parts of the world a few decades ago and there are still countries who still don't allow women to vote. Discriminating against sexuality is the same as discriminating against racism and sexism, we have to learn from our mistakes from the past. Two wrongs do not make a right. Moving the Olympics out of Russia does not hurt the athlete's careers in their sports, they just show that this behavior is not acceptable in our time. Why should homosexual people have to go through the same discrimination we fought so hard to get rid of in the past?

  • Olympics Should Relocate

    Too much security uncertainty. We don't need to put our citizens in arms way of even possible disaster. Can't trust that Russia will have our best interest at heart. We may be more of a target then any other country. It is scary! There needs to be another venue, immediately.

  • Yes if that is what people want.

    Was not aware that Olympics were held in Russia but if the majority of people going to the Olympics want to move it elsewhere I do not see why not. As long as it is not done in a way that makes it look like they are stepping on anyones toes.

  • Hatred will not be tolerated

    We cant risk our gay athletes by putting them there right now. Not only that, but the rest of the world has to take a stand and say if you are going to put gays in danger like this, then you should not make money on the Olympics. They are condoning the violence against gays. Johnny Weir could get killed there.

  • Russia is defying the Olympic Charter

    It's very simple: the Olympic Charter, both in spirit and in wording, stands for the protection of equalities both for athletes and for their supporters around the world. We're not simply seeking to take the Olympics out of Russia as one would take a child's toy away as a punishment for misbehaviour: Russia should not be hosting the Olympics if they are not willing to protect the rights enshrined in its charter. If Russia won't sign up to the Olympic Charter, they have no right whatsoever to hold the Olympics - having one without the other is both an unfair and a dangerous precedent. Does the Olympics stand for nothing any more?

  • We must be fair to all atheletes

    Russia has stated time again that people visiting their country must obey all of their laws. It's unfair to every gay person attending that they have to go back into the closet when they go to the Olympics. Businesses with no discrimination laws can't attend. You can't hold your partners hand. You can't even wear what you want. Plus there life is in serious danger if they go. We have all seen how Russian officials turn a blind eye to hate crimes against gays. The Olympics needs to be moved for safety's sake.

  • No I don't think so.

    Every country has the right to enjoy what they enjoy. Some countries have sport while others have something different that they enjoy. Its not up to us to say what they can or what they cannot have. I think its bullying and abuse to do so, and it makes neither side correct when one side is telling the other what to do. This question is based off the political differences and not anything else (not to say its author does view this way however, I was just saying taking away things should have nothing to do with what a country enjoys as a hobby.)

  • Definitely not, but that doesn't mean they are right

    The Olympics should be in Russia because that is where they were chosen to occur. If the Olympic Committee did not want to pick them, they did not have to. Once picked, however, it's too late to impose your beliefs on them. I would have not had a problem with the committee never picking them in the first place due to their beliefs, but that did not happen.

  • Follow country's rules

    Russia has its own rules, just like every other country in the world. If you choose not to follow their rules, you'll suffer consequences. It'll happen anywhere you go! I don't see what the difference is here. Don't flaunt it while you're in Russia, you'll be fine. Every country has different rules and beliefs. If you don't respect that, then don't participate.

  • The Spirit of the Olympics

    Is to hold the world together, irregardless of anyone's beliefs, actions, or state of being. When we play or watch the Olympics, we're not doing it for political reasons, we watch it for fun. Once, every 4 years (2 if you count Winter), the world lays down it's weapons and mudslingers and enjoy unanimity. Why ruin the only event on earth that brings people together? Unless a country does something absolutely horrible, like nuke someone, we should be able to accept each other for 1 month every 4 years.

  • Why? Russia is a sovereign nation to have its own laws

    Russia is a sovereign nation. Who are we to tell them how to run their country.The US is not the world police. A lot of people want to try to tell everyone how they should be. Everyone want to play GOD. Look if you don't like their laws then don't go there. Plain and simple.

  • It would be horribly unfair to athletes. Why should they be punished?

    Boycotting the Olympics is one of the lamest statements a country can make. All it would do is punish the U.S. Athletes who have trained a good portion of their lives to compete in a world competition and possibly deny them the chance to prove they are the best. What would the U.S. Gain from that? One of the main points of the Olympics IMO is for countries who don't see eye to eye to be able compete in a non violent way. Go talk to an athlete who has worked hard for many years to compete at that level and then tell me we should boycott the Olympics. It is a stupid stupid idea by people who don't respect the work that goes into competing at that level.

  • It's scheduled there

    Nobody could change when and where the olympics take place. The olympics will not change place even if you convince them to. And for their laws, well people just can't come if they cannot handle living there. If you think that olympics will move out of russia, then think again

  • Let's not be irrational

    The Olympics are an event that occurs every two years. It is where athletes of all genders, ethnicity, and beliefs come together to watch and/or compete. Athletes and spectators will not be arrested for simply being gay. I am one for equal rights no matter what but it's one thing to be and another thing to flaunt. Yeah sure in the United States it is legal to express it, but in Russia it is not. It is their country, and their rules. If you choose not to go because of that, I am more than sure there is someone willing to fill your spot.

    Mutko (Russia's Sports Minister) specifically said that, "No one is forbidding an athlete with non-traditional sexual orientation from coming to Sochi, but if he goes onto the street and starts propagandizing it, then of course he will be held accountable."

  • Get out of here with that one word government dribble.

    Russia! Is a country that has been around for thousands of years...Far longer than America has been around.

    Furthermore, they are both separate countries. What right does America have telling Russia how to run its own country?

    By this logic, could Russia do a reversal and make America change all her laws too?

    By my understanding....The winter Olympics is a few weeks long...It's not really a massive ask that athletes refrain from gay indulgences for a period of 2 weeks...Heck, I don't think athletes are actually allowed to indulge in sex at all.

    Furthermore, this is about sport! Not about minority agendas and promoting tolerance.
    You go to the Olympics to win medals, not to do politics.

    Pouring vodka down the drain in protest to Russia's stance on gay's...Doesn't effect Russia. It effects the employees who need the money they make in the vodka business to feed their kids.

    Let Russia decide it's own politics, stick to what your getting paid for and have some self control over your sexcapades for the duration of the Olympics.

    Once its over you are free to go back home to your gay loving countries and do what you like.

  • It's simply too late, but Russia's laws can be protested in other ways

    Lets get one thing straight, Russia's anti gay laws violate human rights in so many ways. But, as of the day I am writing this, there are only 25 weeks until the Olympic Games, the only city that could ever set up in time would be Vancouver, but even a city controller said that moving the games would not be a practical move. I believe that the best a country could do is to boycott the games, but then you have athletes that have trained all their lives who want to play. I think this is just a very unfortunate situation, but if these anti-gay laws were passed a few years ago, it would be plausible that the games could have been moved.

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