Should the Olympics drop cycling over Lance Armstrong's revelations?

  • Ban cycling for good

    What is it about cyclists? Is it some kind of gene they have that makes it impossible to compete without cheating? According to Hamiltons and other testimony, 80 percent of pro cyclists are cheating by using some form of drugs.

    Therefore how can the Olympics ethically have cycling? In effect they would be condoning drug use in sport.

    I honestly hope this is the beginning of the end for cycling. What a dirty, deceitful, disgusting sport.

  • No.

    The Olympics should not drop cycling over Lance Armstrong's recent revelations. The Olympic Games features many different cycling events that are extremely popular. It would be unfair to the public to punish them for the actions of Lance Armstrong. The Olympics also have very strict drug policies and test extensively for banned substances. In the wake of recent revelations it would not be unfair or unwise to test cyclists more often than athletes in other sports.

  • No

    Just because of one persons mistake, or one person getting caught, does not mean the entire sport should be punished and the people that love watching it. To be fair, everyone probably does what Lance Armstrong got caught for. But the only difference is that Armstrong got caught. The sport should not suffer just because of one person.

  • Absolutely not.

    Dropping an entire sport because of one athlete's revelations is rather short sighted and panic stricken. Yes, cycling has a doping problem, and it's been there for well over a couple decades now. However, hitting the panic button and removing it from the Olympics is just fear mongering and completely unnecessary.

  • No, the Olympics should not get rid of cycling because of Lance Armstrong's admissions

    If they want every sport to have no risk of doping, the Olympics would have gotten rid of the majority of the sports they have. Many other Olympic sports have had a history of doping as well but nobody wants to get rid of any of those sports for that reason.

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