Should the opinion submission requirement be lowered?

Asked by: blackkid
  • It would save energy:

    There are people who have things to say that only take thirty-two words to say them. There are people who can make a clear point in seventeen words. There are people who will go over the fifty-word requirement easily. Why are we not loving to all of these individual users?

  • Spamming, Simple arguments and Unintelligent conversation.

    Spamming is pretty big on the internet and it's a pretty big problem, this site does not need spam. Simple arguments will be useless and easily combated they will consist of a short and simple argument that may or may not have been mentioned or debunked by another person. Unintelligent conversation, the bane of this site's existence, people would make uninteresting points using unintelligent words and this site would be filled with ten year olds.

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