Should the opponents of Quebec separatism strike down the notion in court as unlawful and contrary to a whole society?

  • Quebec Separtism should be struck down in court.

    Opponents of Quebec Seperatism should use the judice system to strike down the notion as unlawful. Quebec is still a part of Canada, and if they decide to seperate it would be against the wishes of the rest of Canada. It would be similar to if a state in the United States, decided to be there own country.

  • Will hurt them

    Yes, I think that the opponents should put a stop to this notion soon, because if Quebec does separate from Canada it is going to have some bad effects. They have always been a part of Canada, and it is dumb for them to want to split off from them.

  • Yes they should.

    When you get groups of people like the separatists in Quebec, there is nothing but trouble that comes out of it. It isn't like Quebec is in a horrible part of the world and being treated inhumanely or badly by the Canadian government. This isn't Tibet. What the separatists are doing is unlawful and hurts Canada.

  • No, the Quebec Sovreignty Movement should be opposed on different grounds

    No, the supporters of Quebec sovereignty are not whole themselves, not possessing of one single group that wishes to secede from Canada, but the justification being simply that it does not promote a "whole society" is not enough. Clear and rational explanations from opponents in these courts should seek compromise for semi-autonomy or increased political representation in Quebec without the disrespectful attitude of an iron fist.

  • Supported By A Near Majority

    The last time the people of Quebec voted on this a mere 51% rejected it, meaning that there were many in favor. While I think it would be better for the Quebec separatism movement to look for a wider majority rather than just a simple majority in this matter, I do not think opponents should strike it down in court as unlawful and contrary to a whole society. I believe smaller countries and smaller governments function better and there are a lot of places that are seeking independence from their current countries, so Quebec shouldn't be shunned from this process or new way of thinking.

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