• Yes they should

    Boys and girls have different learning processes. Also there would be shorter numbers of teachers. Teachers would have either boy or girls in their classroom and they wouldn't have to worry about fights. Boys and girls would then live in peace. Also there would be more work done and less distractions. Kids would then get better grades.

  • In a different world

    Yes I think that is how it should be. It would be a different world without the gender mixing in schools. I don't believe that having girls and boys in the same classroom causes any distraction that would not be present if there were all boy all girl classrooms. That is what I believe.

  • No sexes are different

    Maybe because everyone is talking about equal rights that they forget that sexes are very different and should be not considered in the same class. The female is the weaker sex and even says so in the bible so it is the males job to protect her and be fruitful and fill the earth.

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