Should the Oxford English Dictionary change the definition of 'marriage' to include gay people?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • Marriage Definition Should Include Gays

    Without a doubt, the marriage definition in the Oxford English Dictionary should be changed immediately. This particular dictionary and all others need to include homosexuals in the definition. Gay couples deserve the right to get married, and the meaning of marriage needs to include this fact in the dictionaries today.

  • It's time for an update.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the Oxford English Dictionary should change the definition of marriage in its reference book. Instead of referring to a man and a woman, or a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, they could vastly simplify the definition by referring to a union between two consenting adults.

  • Marriage between all people

    The definition of marriage being between one man and a woman is outdated and should no longer be the only accepted definition of marriage. It should simply be between two people, as this is the way that the tide is turning at this point in time, and not only the government, but the dictionary should follow suit.

  • Yes, the definition marriage should include traditional and non-traditional marriages

    Civil marriage is a formal union recognized by law. Gay couples getting married are participating in the same formality as traditional couples, so it makes sense to change the definition to include all types of marriages. Even if the Church does not recognize gay marriage, the state does and the definition should account for that.

  • No the deinition does not need to change

    I am for allowing gay marriage. We should not deny people of rights all because they are different. Gay people are not hurting anyone by getting married. With all that said I don't think we have to go as far as changing the definition of marriage in the dictionary at this time

  • No, it is fine the way it is.

    No, the Oxford English Dictionary should not change the definition of marriage to include gay people, because there is not one opinion on what a marriage is. If people do not agree on what exactly a word means, Oxford should not impose a definition on everyone. There needs to be more of a consensus before making this change.

  • No, It Shouldn't

    This isn't a gay or straight issue. The definition of marriage should be not be sexual at all. It should just defined as a legal union of two people. Do not mention men, women, gay, straight, or otherwise. Sometimes, the best policy on questions like these is to defer to simplicity.

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