• Paparazzis only cause harm

    They are causing mental (stress, Depression, Anxiety, Worry, Fear, Anger, Low self esteem etc. ) and physical harm (making it hard to drive car and move anywhere and may cause accidents) to the people they are harrashing. They don't benefit society in any way. Bullying others is always wrong. It is disgusting how many countries allow it openly everywhere and in all media. It teaches kids and adults that bullying is right. Celebrities suffer and have done suicides due to it just like common people from similar bullying.

    In my country one cannot publish a picture of other person in magazine etc. Without a consent from him/her. But you can do that to celebrity. Every human should be equally protected by law.

    We should ban paparazzis from taking unwanted pictures. Those who want to be photographed can do that by arranging the photoshoots.

  • All they care about is themselves

    There is plenty of great reasons why they should be banned from photographing celebrities maybe if paparazzi were banned maybe Princess Diana would still be alive maybe Justin Bieber would live a normal life, But the main reason why they should be banned is that tabloid seeks to destroy celebrity lives by

    * Destroying their privacy by learning everything about their past lives and monitoring them 24/7

    * making rediculous accusations on people that are not even true to try and get them into trouble

    * harassing them and sticking cameras into their faces hoping to anger the celebrity

    *Calling them out for small minute details and mistakes in the past

    A great example of how paparazzi only care about themselves and money would be the car incident with Justin Bieber where he accidentally ran over a paparazzi after the group surrounded the car and camera flashing blinded Bieber and after he hit the person by accident Justin was the only person who helped the trampled man while the other reporters continued to take pictures and insulted him

    Paparazzi are parasites gaining fame by leeching it off of other celebrities but looking the other way where horrible celebrities are like Harvey Weinstein

  • It should be banned

    Paparazzi's think it's ok to trespass celebrity's homes now days. Everyone also deserves peace and not people taking photo's without there consent. Why is it even a job? Like leave celebs alone there just like me and you who needs space. Wonder why famous people wear sunglasses? It is probably because the lights blind them.

  • They are invasive and disrespectful

    Celebrities are just normal people with unique jobs! Do paparazzi harass fans and other people? No. I can only imagine it would be annoying if paps followed you everywhere, Like when you go on a walk or to the grocery store. I have nothing against the nice ones, But the problem is, They are basically stalkers.

  • Paparazzi definitely should be banned

    The paparazzi get too close to celebs, And sometimes they can't even see where they are going, Because they crowd around them so much. Celebs can't even walk to get food sometimes without the paparazzi invading their space and trying to take a bunch of pictures, And trying to get celebs to answer questions the paparazzi are screaming at them over and over. Everyone should have personal space, And privacy. Just think how you would feel if you were just walking outside trying to get somewhere and like 100 people crowd around you screaming and trying to take a bunch of pictures of you. Wouldn't that be really annoying?

  • False information ruins lives.

    New gossip for young adolescents and money is no excuse for causing discord in other people's lives. Taking out of context pictures out in public and creating evoking titles and half correct information to lure people in for popularity should not be allowed. Celebrities are people who deserve basic human rights like privacy and are allowed to not always be screen ready and are allowed to have flaws. Tiny things that many people do like say littering, For as bad as it is can become very blown out of proportion, Partly because they are well known and partly because the people writing the out of context story are most likely pulling attention to global issues that they usually wouldn't care about, They themselves may do the same things. It is true that being a paparazzi is a job, But there are many other jobs that exist that don't include destroying other's reputation and I may be making finding a job sound simple but when you are hurting others for money, How different are to a criminal.

  • Ruining lives and false information

    Creating conversation topics for young adolescents and earning a little bit more money is no excuse to take pictures without people's permission out of context then adding evoking titles and misleading information that is only partly true. People have a basic right to privacy and even little things that everyone does, Say for example littering, As bad as it is can be blown way out of proportion just because they are a well known person. It is understandable that it is just a job but there are much better jobs than reputation destroyer and one could say being an assassin is just a job but that isn't widely acceptable so why should character assassination be endorsed.

  • Because it’s stalking and harassment

    People should get privacy and have the right to say walk their dogs down to their local park without being stalked by people taking photos or entrapping them into arguements by irritating them by following them after them being asked to leave, Being rude/horrible, Bringing up news that they have no business talking to them about maybe for example an alleged scandal because it’s alleged it’s not true so don’t ruin their lives, Death of a family or friend or many other reasons. But I believe it should be illegal because people have the right to not hide their identities and not worry about where they can go and what they can do to avoid paparazzi trying to ruin their lives just so they can make some cash

  • The Paparazzi harass celebrities

    While the Constitution guarantees them the 1st Amendment to Freedom of Speech and Press, The paparazzi harass the celebrity or individual they are interviewing. Harassing them, Stalking them, Bothering them, Etc. These people getting harassed by the paparazzi can’t live their lives or have any privacy. That is why I believe it they should be banned.

  • Of course they should.

    Would you like it if people with big ass cameras were invading your space and taking pictures of your kids and running in front of your car because a picture of you is worth hundreds of dollars? No. Why would anyone even want that? Paparazzi are violent and annoying i don't care if you say it violates freedom of the press. The press shouldn't be about swarming people who just want to live a normal life. Acting doesn't resort in famous people. Its the audience who thinks " Wow that person must be important to be in these films! They should be held on a pedestal. " Just because an artist makes art doesn't mean their privacy should be violated because someone likes the art.

  • No they shouldn't

    There are already many laws that exist that we can use to help regulate the problems celebrities face with the paparazzi. It is Illegal for the paparazzi, like any other person, to trespass. Therefore the paparazzi are not allowed to enter private property without the permission of the owners. This would limit them from taking photos of celebrities in their houses, backyards and at any other venues which have restricted access for the public. It can also be argued as a consequence of this that the paparazzi can also be restricted from taking a photo of a celebrity whilst the celebrity is on private property from an adjoining property. When a photo was taken of Kate Middleton, sunbaking topless, whilst on private property by a photographer with a long lens in a neighbouring yard, the court ruled in favour of Kate and had the photo withdrawn from circulation. The paparazzi are also not allowed to harass or stalk famous people. In the unlikely case that they do most celebrities have a form of security protecting them. The High Court in the UK has in a few instances enforced the anti-stalking laws, for example One Direction Singer Harry Styles won a case against a particular group of paparazzi. This group was banned from pursuing him in the street or waiting outside his house. Other everyday laws that the paparazzi must also abide by all the usual road rules. The photographer who intentionally drove into Lindsay Lohans car in the United States in order to get a photo should be charged with reckless driving. Paparazzi who pursue celebrities in cars or on motorbikes, still need to abide by the road rules. The police can pull over and charge them with speeding and dangerous driving if they are in fact breaking these laws. If the police enforce these road rules better then accidents such as the tragic one that claimed the life of Princess Diana may have been avoided. It should now be clear that the Paparazzi should not be banned as there are already other laws in place which can be used to regulate their behaviour.
    In order to prevent incidents that can be caused by Paparazzi, we should introduce new laws that protect the celebrity’s rights and wellbeing. For example, a celebrity should have the right to not allow a picture to be exposed to the media. This way the stories in our magazines are not just a biased inference that is affecting the celebrity. Magazines should be made to obtain written consent from the celebrity to use photos of them, this would avoid court cases like the one that Kate Middleton had after the photos of her sunbaking on vacation were published in a French magazine. Kate deserves the right to see the photos before they are made public. The paparazzi should not be allowed to take pictures of celebrities who are in a vulnerable situation. Simpler rules could also be put in place.

  • I do not think the paparazzi should be banned.

    I do not think the paparazzi should be banned. I do however think there should be some sorts of regulation on what they are allowed to do. It is ridiculous that they stand around trying to catch celebrities coming out of their own homes. I guess our culture is partially to blame too though, because there are so many mindless drones who consume the drivel that the paparazzi puts out.

  • No, they have a place in society.

    No, the paparazzi should not be banned, because they serve a place in society for those who are interested. The paparazzi have found a way to make an honest living by taking photographs. There is nothing wrong with that. Occasionally, they invade privacy, but that should be handled on a case by case basis.

  • must have some freedom

    The paparazzi have the right to do what they do under the laws of the United States of America. They have the right to free speech as long as they are not hurting people in the process of doing what they do. There should be some type of balance that goes on.

  • No. Paparazzi are generated by celebrities.

    To be honest, most people who are famous today are famous because they want to be. Youngsters do not want to be talented performers. They want to be celebrities. And these celebrities call the paparazzi whenever they want attention. Those serious actors and singers who want privacy do not do that and they get their privacy so it isn't the fault of the paparazzi.

  • They need money

    They properly do not like what they are doing they need it for money. I do not know why people do not give them a chance. If you want them to be banned maybe you should give them some money and try helping them. We need to do our part in this we need to give them a chance we need to think what if we had the option to be a paparazzi and we had no home but that could change if we joined we will get paid a whole lot of money! We need to give them 1 chance thank you.

  • Celebrities feed of publicity

    The way celebrities get their money and earn their success is mostly by publicity. If the celebrities get a lot of publicity, Whether it is positive or negative, More people will want them to star in ads, Tv shows, Movies, Perform, Etc, Thus leading to more money for the celebrities.

  • Marketing of celebrities

    Paparazzi really serve at doing the promotion of celebrities. Often people who we don't see often on screen, When caught by paparazzi, They are kind of being remembered again. Moreover, They make celebrities more famous by clicking their photos and posting on social media. They have a huge contribution in the fame of others.

  • The Paparazzi shouldn't be banned by Emma

    The Paparazzi shouldn't be banned. Many people think they should, But what about the people who are Paparazzi people can make $500, 000 a year, And if they were banned all the Paparazzi would have to get a new job. Another reason is it's a job so just because celebrities don't like it doesn't mean they should be banned. For example, Some people may think teachers, Doctors, Or babysitters are not nice or rude, But that doesn't mean they should be banned, Does it? Also, There are laws and the paparazzi follow them, So if they are doing nothing wrong they shouldn't be banned. What about info if it weren't for the paparazzi how would information spread. The paparazzi shouldn't be banned.

  • Momom mom momma

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