Should the parents of the two twelve-year old girls who stabbed another girl be held responsible in any way?

  • If you raise them there your responsibility

    If your child throughs a party and some thing breaks you end up having to pay for it. If your child does some thing wrong you punish them and when you punish them different things go through there heads. Most of the time they want your love so they act better when other times they want to defy you. As a parent it is your duty to break this habit and if you don't horrible things like a twelve year old girl stabbing people can happen. There for if you raise them there your responsibility so if your child hurts some one its you duty to stop it and if it gets out of hand bulling or stabbing people you should be punished to.

  • Train up a child in the way he should go.

    Parents have a responsibility to teach their kids right from wrong and to be there for them when they are struggling. When a child is still legally under a parents jurisdiction, they need to be responsible for the protection of that child and the protection of other people from their child. The twelve-year-olds are responsible for their own actions, their parents are the ones who should have been in the loop to know what was going on. In short, both have responsibility.

  • Yes, they should bare some responsibility

    I think because children are acting out at such a young age, that we should be taking a look at the parents. Whether its evaluations, checking the homes, or community service. Because while kids often have some idea of their behaviors, a lot of what you do at such a young age also depends on where and how you are being raised. And I think if we put more pressure on parents they would show more interest, checking back packs, cell phones, etc. Instead of just allowing kids to be so independent in their time these days. They could be a bit more proactive before things happen.

  • No, I Don't Think They Should Be Held Responsible

    The events that unfolded between the two twelve-year old girls and their victim are certainly shocking and tragic. However I don't think that the parents should be held responsible. I realize that the girls were both minors, but parents cannot be blamed for mental illness unless there were certain beyond a reasonable doubt that an event like this might unfold.

  • No, I don't believe they should.

    While I do agree that they should have kept a better eye on what their children were viewing online, and maybe have taken a look at their mental health, I don't believe they should be held responsible. The legal precedent that would set would be very scary. Parents cannot be responsible for their children's actions 100 percent of the time.

  • The tweleve-year old knew what she was doing!

    I have heard about this story in great detail, and I DO NOT feel the parents should be held responsible at all. I feel the young lady knew exactly what she was doing and had every intention of doing so. I feel when you get to a certain age, you should be smart enough to know, "Hey, this is a very stupid idea".

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