Should the Parliament prevent "The Guardian" from reporting proceedings?

  • No, the people deserve to know.

    Again, top government in almost every country of the world seems to be trying to stop the function of good reporting. That is because they do things and play games that the average citizen in the street would not approve of. So of course all reporting that is truth should be allowed.

  • They should not.

    Parliament should not prevent "The Guardian" from reporting the proceedings. The people have a right to know what is happening, and Parliament would get a bad rap if they prevented The Guardian from reporting what is happening in the proceedings. So it would make sense for Pariliament to let them report.

  • News Censorship Shouldn't Happen

    I do not believe the parliament should prevent The Guardian from reporting proceedings. If the reporters from The Guardian can access the information on proceedings, then they should have every right to publish that work without being harassed by the government. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are very important things that the general public shouldn't be so willing to let go of.

  • No, they still have a purpose.

    No, the Parliament should not prevent "The Guardian" from reporting proceedings, because they still can serve their audience. Even though The Guardian has taken a severe credibility hit in recent times, there is no interest in completely banning a journalistic enterprise. This is similar to the situation in the United States where CBS was found to have been forging documents.

  • Freedom of the Press

    I understand the need to keep certain proceedings of government a secret and behind closed doors, especially when dealing with military information that could be deemed classified. However, The Guardian should be allowed to see how Britain's taxes are being spent on its own government. I know America thrives on freedom of the press, but everyone in the free world should have the same guarantees.

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