• Yes, it is unAmerican.

    Yes, the Patriot Act should be repealed, because the Patriot Act was a power grab. To pass the Patriot Act, the government played on people's fears after 9/11, and that allowed them to take almost unlimited power. It is unsettling when you think about neoconservative agendas to take American power and how they have come true after September 11. The Patriot Act took the power away from Americans, under the guise of their safety.

  • A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

    The Patriot Act, while being characterized as a piece of legislation primarily designed to "keep America safe, is in fact much more. Firstly, "safe" is a very relative word, and I would ask: "safe from what"? Certainly not from intrusion into our personal lives that seems antithetical to the aims of the constitutional framers of the nation.

    Two things immediately strike me in regard to the Patriot Act: (1) It rewards terrorism, because it establishes a more repressive government system, which is exactly what the extremists were trying to accomplish with their acts; and (2) it expands the powers of the executive branch of government enormously, which is exactly what the neo-conservative group in the Bush White House was looking for. If it hadn't been the events of 9/11, another pretext would have been found for creating new and more stringent government controls.

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