• Yes they should have.

    Tim Tebow is perfect for the New England Patriots and there is no good reason to cut him. He may have been struggling as their quarterback but I think they should have given him more time. Overall, he is a great player. He just needed more time to work out any kinks.

  • Yes, he would improve ticket sales.

    Yes, the Patriots should have signed Tim Tebow, because he is so popular. He would help improve ticket sales, and profit is the bottom line for the NFL. He is also an extremely hard worker and an excellent colleague to his team mates, and an excellent representative of the NFL. The Patriots missen an opportunity by passing him up.

  • No, he just isn't a good NFL QB.

    Tim Tebow was a good college quarterback, but as proven in preseason games with the Denver Broncos, he wasn't good enough to play well in the National Football League. The Patriots made a good call by not signing Tebow, and hopefully, Jimmy Garoppolo will turn out to be a solid QB in the future.

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